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Just a head scratcher review that I wanted to share with you.

Good evening, gentlemen, yes another review this week on TER from NEWORDER413 that has me scratching my head. I received an average 6 for Performance and kind of wondering how I could have gotten an 8? So let me just share you the review here and then you can decide maybe things that would have worked to make me more superhuman in skill:

“General Details:

Had a trip planned to Chicago and started looking for an older provider. Found Anita and read up on her reviews and her blog. She offers great sessions at a very reasonable price, so I was looking forward to a great time. I had a good time, but I think I had higher expectations based on my research. YMMV - all the other reviews can't be wrong.

Juicy Details:

Went through her screening in advance so was able to make appointment a few days ahead. Arrived on time and was greeted at the door by the woman pictured on her website in a sexy outfit. A light kiss and a few words and we were off to the upstairs bedroom. She started with some DFK that was a good start and then started to undress. When I was done, she went back to DFK and then slid down to her knees to take my erect little friend in her mouth. She did a good job of getting us going and then had me move to the bed. Back to DFK while I started my roaming hands, then roaming mouth to her nipples for a taste. I settled back on the pillow and asked her to continue where she left off. She slid back onto junior with her mouth and moved around from shaft to balls and back, with and without hand action. Overall, a pretty good showing until I could hold out any longer and exploded in her mouth. A little clean up, resting and chatting until I said I’d go for a second round. A little DFK to get started while I provided a little finger action and she did a little stroking herself. Asked her to play with herself with one hand while stroking me. As I hardened, moved junior up to her mouth while we both stroked her kitty. Once we were both ready, I proceeded to have her ride me to start then turned her around and banged away doggie style with her on the bed and me standing up off the bed. She can really take a pounding and gets into it. To finish off, I laid back on the bed while she swallowed me again and lightly worked a digit in from behind. I exploded for #2 and felt satisfied. Overall it was a good time but based on all of my research on her blog and reviews, I had expected more of a thrill. I would try her again if I’m in the area to see if I could get to that high.”

So if I’m reading the review right, I did a lot of deep French kissing, welcomed his “Skippy” by kneeling on the floor, then went back to deep French kissing him, blowing him with much shaft and ball action until he blew in my mouth and I received my first protein shake. Then got him up for round two with deep French kissing, playing with my pussy and his cock, then sucking and licking him further until he wanted to fuck me, we did cowboy and doggie, then he said I could take a pounding and seemed to be enjoying myself. Then I sucked and licked his cock further until he blew in my mouth for the 2nd protein shake. Hmmm, seemed pretty action packed to me.

So I decided to analyze a few of his prior reviews to see if I could see anything he may have been looking for with me to get me to the 8 in performance which means “Went the extra mile”.  There was a provider in Massachusetts he gave an 8 to and I guess he was amazed that she gave toothless blowjobs (as she removed her dentures before sucking him). Yes, I guess that is a fine novelty to get two toothless blowjobs to completion so maybe I need to lose my teeth, and then take my dentures out and suck him off twice to get the 8? No mention of any fucking or kissing or anything else in the hour. 

There was a provider he gave a 7 (which is “hot time”) for performance from Middletown, Ohio and she had a similar one blowjob to completion in mouth, some fucking cowgirl and doggie and then a finish with a hand job. She did have a “fine breast” that he mentioned (she has a D cup, implants) and she takes direction well he said. So I guess he likes women that take direction well and have big boobs. I guess maybe I should have gotten those implants and maybe I should have asked him if he needed it a different way? What I notice is he mentioned not being rushed but I do know that I did not rush him either. The gentlemen had the full amount of appointment time he paid for with me.  

Then there was provider he gave an 8 in performance in Springfield, it was just a quickie meet, she sucked him deep, he fucked her and he then came in a condom. That was it, no multiples and nothing else mentioned. That was probably her easiest job of the day and she got an 8 for it!

So yes, gentlemen, a little befuddled over the 6 in performance when to me it looked like an 8 performance, but I am guessing that I need to lose my teeth, do blowjobs toothless, become extremely compliant and listen more and get breast implants to get an 8. I did notice he isn't someone that is a woman pleaser in any of his sessions as he did not work to get any of us off. I think he misses the entire point of what sex really is which is unfortunate. He gets a "D" for did not do much. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,