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Interesting read on a TER review of ADA

Wow, gents, I guess I am amazed at some of the hobbyists out there's reviews of some providers. For example, I read Cognac060's TER review of (provider) ADA today (rated her a 6 (nice) in appearance and a 6 (nice time) in performance). His final comments in the juicies (that only VIP's see):  "From what I know she does not allow daty or kissing. She is pretty mechanical in her routine. Obviously photos are fake, but at least she is in shape."  

So the way I read that, thin skinny woman gets a 6 in looks and 6 in performance just because she is skinny even though her pictures are fake and she gives a robotic performance and doesn't kiss or allow DATY..Hell, many of my reviews are 6's in nice time performances, what the heck did ADA earn even a 6 performance rating for? The way I understand the rating system, that should have been a "should have stayed home performance" for most men. I mean, they can get robotic performances at home.

Think about why many men embrace this hobby. They want more than a quick handjob or some perfunctory missionary once every few months or once a month, or a blow job once a year on their birthday (yes, I know many of you now wonder who THOSE men are that get it on their birthday, lucky ducks!).  

Yes, I have many men that desire to visit me on their birthday! So I guess most wives don't provide that reward.

What I would like to see from these hobbyist reviewers is some ratings and reviews that make sense. Not based on the fact that they are thin athletic spinners. 

Hugs and kisses,