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Hot sex, loving kisses, body to body connections, massaging all parts, long licks, sucking...

Yes, it's me again, seeking your attentions. I am forever looking to create a moment that totally defies anything you've experienced with others. Those of you having been with me know I am gifted in the french area, and truly enjoy my protein! But I am very open to your ideas of what stimulates you so if that doesn't make you happy, I hope you'll speak up and tell me what does during our session(s). I enjoy all aspects of sex, the giving, the receiving, the body to body connections, the long deep french kisses, the light up and down the body kisses, licking up and down, sucking and taking your cock deep into my mouth, throat, (as far as I can, to the gagging point). I love 69 and all sexual positions as well.

I also love control as it gets me going. There are some that want me to spank, beat or tie them up and show them whose the boss, whose the mistress. I can be that for you as well. It's all in the desires of what you seek and may be missing in your bedroom at home. If you think you are alone, deeply alone and feel like you'll never be understood there at home. That maybe you'll even be laughed at for your yearnings, look no further than visiting me. I totally get you. I also don't want to disrupt your life. I keep your discretions. I don't want to be your wife. I want to be your girlfriend experience without the drama. You contact me when you want to see me (email, phone, text (phone and text to those that have already been pre-screened)) but I don't contact you unless you contact me first.

I truly want a connection with those that I meet with. I don't take the 15 minute appointments for that reason. I hope all gentlemen reading this get the stirrings in their loins when they imagine me touching them, kissing them, licking and sucking them. If they can imagine me being "mistress" to them, that's fine too. I love trading massages with my men visitors. I enjoy thinking of our sexcapades as a wonderful two way street.  Until we meet, kisses and hugs from Anita.