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Hosting Schaumburg starting Tuesday afternoon November 3rd through Friday evening November 6th, 2020. Virtual Services reminder.

Happy Holloween! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. I am hosting in Schaumburg November 3rd Tuesday afternoon (first appointment available at 3:30pm) through November 6th Friday evening 10pm. Anyone fence riding, now's your chance. Yes, I am careful so it has to be mature clients that are being extraordinarily careful during this pandemic. 

I do have virtual appointments available for Skype, Facetime, Phone and sex chat. See the Paid Phone page as their are required donations that have to be paid before any virtual services. It's fine to pay the half hour before the service. Please contact me to book. Unfortunately, last minute "Can we do right now" sometimes doesn't work as I am busy most early mornings. I know, "morning wood" is a thing!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,