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Hosting in west suburbs, Lombard on Monday evening (4pm and later), November 18th, all day/eve Tuesday, Nov 19th and all day/eve Wednesday, Nov 20th!

Hi all, yes, a Lombard (west suburban) sighting for this lonely provider, Anita Love. It will be 4pm and later on Monday, November 18th, all day and evening Tuesday, November 19th and all day and evening Wednesday, November 20th! So for all my southwest suburban, south and west suburban gentlemen, now is your chance. I stay in an upscale complex where there are private entrances to every unit. No walking by front registration desk. 

Fence riders, it isn't that painful so please contact me direct regarding the light screening. I have had a couple fall off the fence in recent days and wonder why they waited so long. Why wait for sensual passion when you can have it along with some wonderful attention, 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,