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Happy New Year! Wild Anita update - I’m back on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

Good evening, gentlemen. Happy New Year! Yes, I am back in the saddle starting tomorrow Tuesday, January 2, 2018.  Pretty much the previous days and hours are back in play. Mondays thru Fridays 6:30am through 6:30pm and Saturdays 12pm through 8pm. The location is my townhouse in West Schaumburg. My first day back Tuesday I only have a 3:30pm hour opening as my other appointments were all pre-booked. I am grateful for those gentlemen that have not forgotten about me. I do think the return timing is absolutely right this time as my knee is getting better and better and I am feeling better.

I finished reviewing screening forms for newly proposed clients this afternoon and have contacted those gentlemen back. I am finally caught up now. I did send out periodic “You are verified” emails throughout the last six weeks while I was off so if you gentlemen do not check emails regularly, those that completed a form likely did get an email back from me. For those that “passed” and provided what was needed can feel free to contact me for an appointment in whatever method makes them most comfortable, email, text or telephone.

I do have cagey sorts that refused to provide what was asked and I will say again, I am sorry but I win when it comes to taking the biggest risk. If any of you want the easy way, to just be given a location address and not to have to jump the hoops, please remember that the easy way leads to more arrests (and being beat up by pimps) than the providers that screen or verify. You are safest with the providers that verify or screen ahead of time.

I do have to say that I was happy to see 2017 end. I had my share of ups and downs, mainly healthwise and of course many of you avid blog readers know about my ankle surgery that required much of the first couple of months of 2017 to rehabilitate and then of course my right knee replacement surgery in November 2017. I also didn’t talk much about it but there were two miscarriages by my daughter in law.  The good is that there is a successful pregnancy and she and my son are due for a baby girl in June 2018.

Yes, this wild tigress will be a grandma and I am proud of it. I am age 52 after all. I will have to have a left knee replacement in 2018 but right now it may not be until August 2018. I am putting grand baby first and since I will need to have a shower for them and also spend a couple of weeks with them after baby is born, I am not going to do anything more with my limbs until late summer.  I have a few more weeks of physical therapy in January to finish up my right knee. I will still have to follow-up on exercises and keep with a regular exercise program. My 2018 New Year’s resolution will of course be health related as I will work more on exercising and losing the remainder of the weight I need to lose. I also want to cook more (less “fast food”) as I have gone back to that over the holidays and I have found I am quite good at it. 

Some memories of great times in 2017 include my times with a certain special someone in Saint Louis, Missouri, Oshkosh, Wisconsin (EAA Airventure) and Reno, Nevada as well as a family vacation on Memorial Day weekend 2017 at Las Vegas, Nevada. I wrote at length about all those times in prior blogs so if you are new readers, I hope you go back and enjoy the prior reading. I do say that everyone needs love in their life and this wild tigress found that in 2017. It doesn’t mean that I am not still Wild Anita or Mistress Anita, your companion and date for when you are ready to see me in 2018. That is still a go as I won’t be quitting this life anytime soon.

Other great parts of 2017 was the addition of a lot of great regulars added as well as some clients I thought I lost from 2014 and 2015 that came back to see me and realized that I have improved quite a bit since then. I am grateful for all my regulars and any newly verified clientele that come to see me. 

I do want to say that my donations have gone up roughly 7% as of January 2018.  I did write a prior blog regarding the increase of donations and what goes into the increase. The biggest part is advertising. I do want to point out that Backpage is screwing providers right now by only allowing them to put their phone numbers only in their ads along with pictures. No names in the women seeking men section. I do post in “Massage” as well but it seems like all providers have found the massage section now so it is only a matter of time and Backpage will likely screw us there in that section as well. They have also doubled advertising rates along with the "kick in the ass" they are giving providers. I believe the pressure is on them based on their prior legal troubles to dump all escorts off their advertisements. It means that I also advertise out of necessity on Eros, CityVibe, AdultSearch, TER, Erotic Monkey, Escort Babylon (this is owned by Backpage), Twitter and Slixa. 

Yes, the cost of advertising is quite high so before you get angry at me, understand that I have done what I can to be reasonable on my donations and I have also kept in effect the senior (retiree) discounts and veterans discounts for those returning clientele. I say returning because I want to reward my “regulars”, not those just seeking for a “special” and moving onto the next provider on the list. I do get calls from those seeking the daily “special” and I am perfectly honest in that as my donations are already reasonable, the special is that you can spend quality time with me and I am definitely a fun, passionate provider to spend time with. They usually hang up on me after that but I consider it their loss, not mine. 

Please note that I will be getting new pictures taken before the end of January. The pictures currently there are an accurate representation of me as I am only age 52 versus age 51 and I never had anything photoshopped. I will obviously update my regular blog readers as soon as I post the new pictures. 

Looking forward to a fabulous 2018 with many passionate mature gentlemen visitors.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses, 

Anita Love