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Happy National Dog Day!

Hello there, good evening all! Happy National Dog Day! All of you know that this wild tigress is wild in the bedroom! But the other part of me is passionate for my love for animals! My future life in many years time includes the possibility of owning my own animal shelter, a no kill shelter in the State of Tennessee that is known for having kill shelters. Unfortunately the south has many shelters that do put rescue animals down if they cannot find homes for them. I want to be their voice, as they so deserve to be loved and have a home if at all possible. 

This is a very difficult time for our country. So much anger, hate, so much unrest and so little love is found out there. But if you look into the faces of a dog or a cat in need of a home, you do know that there is indeed love out there. There is so many rescue animals in need of homes and so many of us need to be rescued too.

Why do we need to be rescued? I think so many of us aren't even aware that to rescue a dog or a cat means we are rescued ourselves. We badly need love and there seems to be a lack of it with all of the anger and hate out there. The great thing about bringing a dog or cat into our life is we get that unconditional love, the love that only having a pet will give us. We also show our children how to show love and care for animals. It teaches them responsibility. We are blessed in our lives with so many things, so many possessions but none of it matters without love. 

Here are links for if you have the yearning to adopt a pet:

Some of you are thinking, well, I am never home and it isn't fair to adopt a pet if I am never around to take care of it. Yes, you could be right there but that doesn't mean you can't make a difference in a pet's life. There are so many shelters out there in need of donations to help them survive. You can donate money to assist these no kill shelters to stay afloat. You can offer to volunteer at a local shelter or you can offer to foster animals at your home so that they can get used to living in homes and it makes them much easier to adopt.

I also found a wonderful way to help save two lives at once. It is called Shelter to Soldier: It brings post-9/11 combat veterans together with trained, rescue dogs to help both recover and move forward. Our veterans that are suffering from PTSD so badly need that unconditional love that a dog can provide them with.

Here are some links if you want to donate to save a pet's life or even save two lives at once:

I have attached a picture of my pup, Belle (Labradoodle), and my kitty Mittens and my grandpup, Lilly (she is the lab/pit mix). My 25 year old son that is serving in the Army and his wife adopted her two days before she was to be put to sleep in Tennessee, she was only age 2 then but had been abused, abandoned and left for dead. She is so sweet and happy now, at the age of 4. 

Hugs and kisses,