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Happy 4th of July! Wild Anita had her own fireworks going on!

Happy 4th of July to all! All I can say is thank you to all the gentlemen that joined me for my own fireworks dispay at my Schaumburg Incall! It was a wild day and I'd say yes to that day happening again anytime! I was kind of shocked at how many gentlemen (both married and single) had open time in their schedule on a holiday. Penelope and Cleo and the twins had a lot of fun! I also had fun being Mistress Anita to a new sub that joined me for a 90 minute session. My last client really wanted a much bigger dildo to fuck him via strapon and I promised I would bring my biggest one the next time. I had more of my small and medium strapon collection with me. 

That is the problem with not hosting at home in that I don't have my full collections with me. All of you gentlemen that love being fucked with a strapon, when you make your appointments (after the screening completed), please remember to let me know your preferences regarding strapon dildos (length, width) and I'll see if I can make sure that I have them with me for the requested session day and time.  My home isn't too far away from my hotel so I could always go home to get it and bring it back with me to my hotel. 

I'll include more of the shenanigans of this day in my "The Anita Diaries" that I write on Sunday evenings regarding the prior week. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,