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Girlfriend Fun Day with SexyAss Jackie Friday, Sept 14th! And Saturday Sept 15th starts two weeks straight of me being back at my home!

Hello all, yes, tomorrow Friday, September 14th is the long awaited girlfriend fun day in Schaumburg with SexyAss Jackie! It is going to be a wild, horny day of naked body to body, with lots of human sandwiches being made. Stay tuned for the Anita Diaries play by play on this Sunday night. 

On Saturday, September 15th, I will be back to my house which will start a two week straight of me being back at my homefront hosting more normal bankers hours. I don't go back to hotel hosting hours until Monday, October 1st. For the weeks of September 17th and 24th, my hours Mondays thru Fridays are 6:30am through 7pm and Saturdays stay at 9:30am thru 9pm. I do have plenty of regulars (and possible fence fallers) that prefer to see me at home so hopefully for all of those waiting in the wings for that, please feel free to pre-book for those two weeks.

So for the September 17th and 24th weeks, hopefully you have a reasonable boss that will allow you "cock time" or "skippy time" during the work day as the picture on this posting alludes to. Yes, now wouldn't that be an ideal work world!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,