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Eating some crow due to this past Friday's Tigress rant!

Good evening all. I am here to clarify a couple of sentences regarding my Friday Tigress rant blog. I didn't mean to insinuate that all the other escort providers out there are competitive, jealous and bitchy (other than me and my three "sisters"). To be honest, I was only thinking of the one when I wrote it so I am here to eat crow about that (I also re-wrote the sentence better on my Friday post for those that would like to re-read it). I have also gotten to be friendly with several more escort providers beyond the three "sisters" that I mentioned in that posting (sending hugs of apology their way if they were hurt by the Friday posting). 

I won't lie in that it is difficult to maintain friendships in this business because we do share a lot of the same clientele and we are all looking to have profitable businesses. In addition, for girlfriend fun day's we have to split the money as well so that leaves for sometimes bad feelings if one of the parties somehow feels that they should get a bigger piece of the pie than the other. Unfortunately, that definitely hit one of my duo partners and I today.

I try to keep a positive attitude (other than this past Friday!) on this business because for the most part it is great fun! I truly enjoy being Wild and Mistress Anita! When I am in my singles sessions, there is no question I am 350% in it with my clients. I am not a wooden rag doll. I am happily participating and enjoying myself! 

The weekend away was good timing. I can say that unequivocally, the happy and fulfilled Anita is back and ready for naked playtime at my den of fun!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,