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Dear Anita - Why do you not offer quick visits? If so, I would surely come to you regularly (weekly or bimonthly).

I really do not want guick visits due to a few great reasons as follows:

1) Quick visits do not create long run "regular" clientele. Those that want quick visits usually are not bonded to any one provider. They will always go to the lowest bidder or to those ladies that continually run "specials". I am looking for a passionate connection with my clientele which can only be gained by spending an hour or longer with me. Those that have connections with me will return!

2) Quick visits create too much "traffic".  I don't want anyone in hotel management or housekeeping to be alerted by "traffic". In this day and age of worry, I am simply happy if I get one or two great people. The other day I had two senior regulars (with four hours between appointments at 2pm and 7pm) that wanted two hours each. I consider that a great day!

3) Quick visits bring in clientele that see too many different providers. They could be carrying (possible orally passed) STD's such as Clamydia and Gonorrhea. Intercourse is always covered with me but many gentlemen want uncovered oral. I want my clientele to be both mature and discerning as to whom they spend time with. I get checked for STD's monthly but I am guessing most gentlemen clientele are not that rigid on checking. 

Let me be brutally honest: quick visit guys are way too risky for me. Many of those gentlemen prefer not to provide any verification information to providers. They are like bees to honey in that they will go to anyone even those "questionable girls" on Listcrawler. I don't want my contact information in their telephone when they get themselves arrested by law enforcement in a "sting operation." 

Always remember that when a provider asks to screen/verify you, they are doing it for both of your safety. They do not want to be arrested or killed (yes, we are hunted by those gentlemen that seek to do us harm because they think "we will not be missed"). If they are asking you for verification, they are not law enforcement, they just want to feel safe while spending time with you. Most of the mature providers are not looking to ruin your private lives. We simply want to make a living and are not being trafficked.  

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,