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Coffee, tea, milk or me?

I am curious as to if any of you are coffee lovers out there? I am obsessed with coffee, and my other obsession is Iced Tea. Well, sex is in there in the top 3 anyway. Coffee only cream, no sugar though and for Iced Tea it is unsweetened. I know, probably in the minority of those as most are sugar lovers enough to want something to make their coffee or tea more palatable, interesting or tasty and sweet. All I can say is if you show up with a coffee for me and start sucking on my nipple as I take a drink, I might get to the euphoria or the pinnacle of the big "O" much faster, he he! Now, about my nipples, yes, years ago I would have told you that the nipples just didn't do it for me.  Well, now they do. There are men in my reviews that have said my breasts sag but there are many lovers of my breasts out there that say I have great nipples, and YES, I DO! And the other part of the equation is the clitoris. Sucking very tightly (such as suctioning) the nub does send me over the edge as well. So I guess Coffee, nipples and suctioning the clitoris is the secret of the big O for me.  Oh, and sometimes doggie makes me go over the edge as well. Now if you could do all four at the same time, I'd call you superhuman!

I do spend a lot of time cock worshipping so once we get to that particular point of no return, you can remind me if we need to move along to that next step. I love the true art of figuring men out as well. To be honest, God made you all rather easy. Your thought processes revolve around three things: Sex, food and sports. You may even think of sex as a sport, and if you are reading this blog, it's likely you have a hobby of sorts anyway! It's funny, I thing God made us women difficult to figure out so that you can sit there for hours thinking about how to figure us out. There was an old Mel Gibson movie that was quite a hoot that came out in 2000 (well, before Mel self-destructed his private and public life) "What Women Want". I highly recommend you watch it for a laugh if you haven't seen it. Another interesting hilarious movie that had elements of truth in it, Jim Carey's movie "Liar, Liar". 

Anyway, as I sip on my fifth cup of Joe, hope you all are thinking about a fantasy with coffee, nipples and clits and some great bedroom acrobatics.