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Ask Anita - Your business appears to be going well and you get great reviews. What advice can you give to other providers that are struggling ?

I think the biggest issue I see with some providers is that they don't really try to understand their clients. They service them and some of them are very good with their skills but they don't understand what men want in a provider. Some men want the spinner or cover model. But there are many that want more than just that. The top things that men want in an escort (besides of course great skills):

1. A provider that is like a girl friend or the "GFE".  Many do want the passionate deep french kissing or light french kissing. "Making out" can be an important part of having a connection with that person.  

2. A provider that "listens" to her clients wants and needs. So many just perform the services but don't listen to what the men's hot points are or don't take the time to ask the question to the gentlemen. A provider that doesn't ask the important questions is primarily self-absorbed. 

3. A provider that is a "pleaser". Does the provider strive to meet all the client's wants and need? Does she wear what he requests that she wear in clothing/shoes? Does she hit all his hot points? Does she make him comfortable? The biggest complaint I hear? So many rules and not enough fun in the bedroom.  Diving down and sucking skippy and licking and sucking the twins..that is a powerful welcome! Providers need to understand that there are too many rules at home. Gentlemen want less rules and more freedom of sexual enjoyment with an escort. They want their fantasies met.

4. A provider that enjoys talking with her clients. Many gentlemen want someone to talk to in addition to having Skippy serviced. At home, a complaint is that not only does the wife lack interest in sex but she doesn't communicate well and seems to "cut down" her husband (making him feel less of a man).

5. A provider that doesn't rush her clients. Yes, the first question I get, "Do I get the full hour or just until I cum?" That is shocking, gentlemen. I know I have been only doing this since March 2014 but that's ridiculous that a provider would rush a gentlemen out after he cums. Even the most well intentioned escort can effect an early eruption. Of course, I let the gentlemen try for a second or even a third pop within the 60 minutes.  If a gentlemen pays for an hour or 90 minutes or two hours, he should get every bit of that time as well as multiple pop opportunities. Or even just a massage and a relaxing talk with the provider if a second pop not possible. The name of the game is making the client comfortable and allowing him his "me" time or as I say it "cock time"..yee haw!

Another thing that all providers need to do is verification (for both the client and their safety) and I have plenty of clients that thank me daily for being careful in who I bring into my townhouse. Yes, I lose business but I gain a great business with respectful mature businessmen (or retired businessmen) that know that verification/screening does keep both of us safe. I love my job and I love servicing and pleasing my gentlemen clients as well as the two way street but I do it with safety in mind as I want to keep doing it, and not be murdered or arrested. If my phone got confiscated in police arrest, it would have a lot of "John's" phone numbers and other communications. I have received a lot of calls from police officers (and yes, their voices have a common sound) and when they find out I need them to verify/screen, they usually say okay and hang up quickly. I have just chased LE away and protected my clientele at the same time. 

Finally, where they advertise is important. I can honestly say that Backpage, women seeking men, should not be the only place they advertise. No offense to those I have met through Backpage but over a period of time some of the best clients I have met were met through my advertising on EROS, Twitter, TER, RS2K, P411, Slixa, CityVibe and AdultSearch. Having a website is also a great idea. It has helped my business immensely.

Yes, gentlemen, the above is the best advice, escorts need to understand, please, listen, visit and allow the client their "cock time" as well as be "safe and careful" in their screening processes and expand their advertising beyond just Backpage. 

Hugs and kisses,