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Ask Anita - You verified/screened me a few weeks ago but we have not gotten to meet yet. Can I use you as a reference to meet another provider?

I have had this come up several times and I just need to get this question answered.  A reference isn't just about having verified you and all your information makes you appear legitimate and not law enforcement. It is also about how respectful you are in session with me. A lot of the time the other providers ask if the gentleman they are asking about was respectful of my limits in session. Because I can't answer that question as I haven't seen them in person, I cannot answer that. Therefore, no, I cannot provide reference to anyone that has not met in person with me for a session. I say that with a period and exclamation point also. 

One of Jackie's regulars, a young guy in his mid-20's verified with me a couple of months ago and has tried to get away with using me as a reference numerous times without having met with me. The one appointment he made with me he cancelled and he was a constant chatterer on text messaging with me. I blocked him and will not see him.

The problem with the young people or millenial generation is that they spend an awful lot of time texting and wasting people's time versus actually showing up. I have received a large number of cancellations from them and/or many no call no shows. It shows that they care little about wasting and taking advantage of my time. Pretty much most of the young people that verify/screen with me, once they start chatting via text too much with me, well, I block them! So a very high percentage of those gentlemen under the age of 35 do shoot themselves in the foot.  

In a previous blog I did mention that for those gentlemen that have visited with me in person, I would give reference if having seen me within eighteen months. In the last week, a few tried to get away with it when it was well over two years and I couldn't provide reference as my current phone had no information on them. Gentlemen, remember that if you really want that, you have to make a new appointment with me and once you have met with me in person, the clock starts right over again. I can guarantee you will have a great time and your money will be well spent! My oral skills have improved since you saw me last!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,