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Ask Anita - You used to take text messages, why does your AD say to contact only via telephone and email?

I do take text messages from my regulars or gentlemen that have seen me before. To be honest, I add "text" back into the advertisement when I am caught up with the other part of my business, the screening and email verification requests that I get. It gets to be too difficult to deal with new potential clients via text when I have the email and phone and everything else going for verifications. Here is an example of the kind of texts that I get from new unverified gentlemen (not my regulars, love you, boys) and then maybe you will understand how it gets to be too much for this wild tigress at times: 

"Hola Anita! Hablas Español?    -   Here is a response to it I have sent in the past: "No, this wild tigress was born in the United States, I am not Hispanic, I speak English which I believe everyone that lives here in the U.S.A. should do as well." (As you can tell, that response goes nowhere so now I don't even bother answering gentlemen when they send these kinds of text messages anymore). 

"Are you FREE?" -  I don't respond to this. I am guessing he is hoping I don't charge for my services. Hope he works for free too!

"Are you Available?" - Again, I don't respond to this one either unless they are a regular or prior client of mine. If they haven't taken the time to verify with me, I can't see them. They are assuming I am money hungry enough to skip that part of the process and the answer is no. 

"Hi" or "Hello" . - and nothing else. I really need more to go on here so because it makes me have to ferret information from them when it should be offered, I just don't answer Hi's or Hellos anymore. If they gave more of an introduction of themself I would respond (examples of introductions will be included towards the bottom of this blog post). 

“Can you send me a picture?”  -  I don’t answer this one but if I have in the past it was mainly to state that my website has a lot of pictures to look at and they are not photoshopped and are really me. Again, it is touchy to ask providers that already provide plenty of pictures on their Ads and on their website for more pictures. It will get a hang up in your ear or will get a no response in a text or email.

"Do you do bbbj?"  "Do you do uncovered?"  "Do you do Anal?" -  Again, these kinds of service questions texts from unverified gentlemen, well I cannot answer them unless they are verified. Meaning they have to either complete the screening form or provide whatever I need via email or text before I can answer questions. Now if they went to my website, they would find out what services I provided via reading my website in the rates page or even FAQ page or just reading my blog or going to my TER reviews ID 256588 and reading my reviews. Then they wouldn't have to ask those questions and if they were still interested, they would go right to the screening process. 

“Hey Baby”. -  I don’t respond to this one either. I am no one’s baby unless they have verified and provided the donation to me, then I become their baby for the timeframe they have paid me for. I am Wild Baby Anita!

“Do you do outcalls?”  -  Well, I have answered usually with a no if its in the morning or afternoon as I really don’t think it’s worth my time to leave my place when I do have some great regulars that do come to my place during the day. As far as night outcalls, I was entertaining doing them for awhile but no one wanted a non-spinner for a minimum two hour outcall to hotels only so I removed the service. If they read my website FAQ page, they’d get the answer.

 "What is addres" or "What is your address"? - Yes, there are the gentlemen that ask me my address (some can't spell address) before they even let me know who they are. So no, I don't respond to this question. What am I, nuts?

"Where are you?" or "Location?"  - Sometimes I answer this one and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I provide the link to my website. Why? My website gives you my location practically on every page. By them asking, it just shows that many of the gentlemen searching on whatever advertisement sites are not doing their research when they should be. If I were a gentlemen, I would be reading the website and reading all the TER reviews (even if it is just the non-vip stuff), etc before even contacting a provider. I mean realistically I could be law enforcement setting up a sting (I AM NOT, but again they don’t know that). My website, written blog and 86 TER reviews do prove I am a legitimate provider that is not law enforcement. 

Again, everyone should be doing their research before even contacting a provider for the first time. Another thing, if a Provider gives you her address without verifying, she could be Law Enforcement or have a pimp or boyfriend in the background ready to mug you. Do not seek the easy way for titties and pussy! Think with your big head, not your small one. 

The above were some examples of texted intros and questions that are not acceptable in my view. There are some introductions that would be perfectly acceptable being texted to me that would get my full attention and respect (and I then respond back to them):

"Hi, my name is Charlie Nelson, I am in my 40's and a business professional. I am registered with RS2K (or RS2000 or RS-AVS) as Charles Nelson, Lombard, IL 312-282-2020. Can you verify me with RS2K so I can set an appointment to meet you? 

I use this as an example because lately I have been getting this kind of introduction from RS2K members: "Are you available?" "Can we meet?" 

Yes, gentlemen, I do get a bit disappointed when some RS2K members that are hobbyists seem to be a bit challenged on giving a good introduction. I have an advertising package with RS2K so I can check as many names and verify as many gentlemen as I want right now. When I first started out with them a couple years ago in checking information it was $10 per name/city/state/telephone number if a provider had no advertising package. Also understand that it is your first legal name that is on your Drivers License, not a nickname so if your legal name is John but you go by "Jack" as a nickname, you give me the name of "John" as that is what RS2K has it under. Yes, I spend the better part of my day sending corrections to RS2K of information that was given incorrectly by the RS2K member. 

Now if you have no memberships in RS2K or P411 or have no provider references really, the following introduction texted to me is a perfectly fine introduction that allows me to help a gentlemen get started on verifying: "Hi, my name is Michael Walker, I am in my late 40's, white, a CPA with Smith & Smith Public Accounting. I have been reading your website. I'm impressed with your honesty, writing and love that you are a mature sexy woman that is real and not fake anything. What do I need to provide to you in order to come and see you? I really don't like forms. Can I send you what you need via email or text?"

Now that was a great introduction and it showed me he actually read about me, did his homework and is serious about booking an appointment because he asks if he can verify via email or text. My answer is yes, of course you can verify with me via email or text message. The form is only giving a guideline of what i look for. Not everything asked for has to be provided. I think there are a lot of fence sitters that sweat profusely and overthink the process when it is actually quite easy. 

So gentlemen, hope the above gives you some idea why getting texts from new gentlemen can perplex me at times and it rather logjams the legitimate professional gentlemen hobbyists that try to communicate the right way to get to see a provider. So gentlemen, if it looks like I don't get back to you immediately, there could be a client here (I don't pick up my phone or answer texts while clients are here) or I could be in the middle of responding to tons of text messages or emails or working on screening some potential clients. If you sent me a text like one of the unacceptable ones above and received no answer, this blog explains why I did not respond. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,