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Ask Anita - You seem to really have your head, your act together, and such a great attitude. Why is it that you aren't messed up as other escorts are?

Well, I appreciate when gentlemen notice that even though I might not be the typical "spinner" cover model provider, that I have something even more important, the great attitude and the fun, passionate enjoyment of the bedroom. In addition, yes, my head is together as no alcohol or drug dependencies. I am great at marketing myself and I know my positives and the positives of my awesome oral skills and rimming, both due to talent of my tongue. I also have a natural warmth that some providers lack. 

I would be lying if I said that this business hasn't effected me in a bad way. It just doesn't manifest itself in the typical ways that other escorts/providers outwardly show it. See I was raised differently and maybe explaining how I was raised will show why I wouldn't necessarily fall into alcohol and drug issues, dishonesty, stealing and extortion that other providers have resorted to.  

I was born in November, 1965, in a south west suburb of Chicago to Roman Catholic parents, with both Irish and English heritage. "Michael" and "Kathy" were the perfect parents. They were raised in Cleveland but moved to the Chicagoland area when my dad was transferred. He was a Executive Vice President of a Chemical company in charge of sales. My mom was a homemaker. I have two sisters and a brother, all 9 years and older than me so I was the baby. Yes, I was spoiled. They didn't expect me to come along.

According to my mom, I was a gallbladder problem initially. My parents raised their children strict. My sisters were both extremely smart as was my brother so I was expected to follow suit. We were all sent to Catholic grade school through Eighth Grade. I couldn't wear makeup until I was 16 so I remember getting into my mom's makeup and wearing it to school one time in 7th Grade because I had this huge crush on the star of the football team and was trying to get his attention. I was 5'8 and a string bean in 7th Grade and kids were brutal to the tallest skinniest kid in grade school.  Sister Maggie didn't like the eye makeup so she sent me to the bathroom to wash it off and the Principal called my parents to talk to my Mom about it. I was that late bloomer (no boobs) that was trying her best to get some male attention. I was grounded for two weeks. 

In High School, I kept my grades up as my sisters and brothers had. I loved to write even then. I couldn't date until I was 16 and my parents had to meet all of my friends. So yes, a strict up bringing and even though I had a boyfriend from age 16 on, I didn't have sex with him, I was saving myself for my husband. Yes, we were brought up attending Catholic schools and church every Sunday. 

My dad made it a point to say that all of his children were expected to go to college. He was from a very poor family and had gotten his college education through the GI Bill after his four years of service to our country during WWII. He and my mom wanted better for their children so we all went to college. They taught all of their children to be honest and hardworking. The biggest lesson is that we weren't entitled to anything. We worked hard for everything. I had a job from the time I was in 7th Grade. My dad said one thing to me when I was working in customer service at a store back then, the "customer is always right". So I always treated people with respect and dignity as that was how I was raised.  

I graduated from college in 1988, B.S. in Political Science, 1989, Paralegal Certificate. I was married in 1990, I had two children, somewhere in there got my Masters in Contracts Management. Worked for a lot of years in business industry until I was laid off back in 2011. I stayed home for a couple of years while my youngest needed me and then when I was desperate in 2014, somewhere along the line "Wild Anita" was born. First as just "Anita" and then "Wild Anita" evolved. 

So gentlemen, I had a good head on my shoulders, always honest and hardworking, mainly due to my parents and a great upbringing. There is no alcohol or drug dependencies anywhere in my family for me to inherit it. I have never been a smoker even though my parents did early on before quitting. So you have a very rock solid mature provider that isn't out to take advantage or hurt anyone. Simply here to make a living as to how I can and to also find the enjoyment that I had missed in a very lonely depressing marriage. 

Back in 2014 I wasn't prepared for some of the things that happened along the way including the rape/assault that took place from a black client and some rather rude clients (grabbing and holding me down over their cocks and such) and many that just up and walked out when they saw me. Yes, I guess I am not everyone's cup of tea. Over a period of time my low esteem has gotten lower and yes, there are dark days partly due to some of those past bad experiences and abuse. Someone mentioned to me that it could be PTSD and that possibly could be true. I didn't get counseling over anything that happened back in 2014. 

But I will tell you this, I am not someone that quits over past bad experiences or abuse. I have a lot of great regular clientele. It's just something I have to deal with. I am a pretty open and honest person as you can tell from reading my blog.

Hugs and kisses,