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Ask Anita - With all the changes that have happened for the worse, what are some bright spots of your business?

I have been evaluating that silver lining and have found many bright spots. Do I worry everyday about the changes for the worse? I can’t help that although I’ll try to be better about it on here as no one likes a perpetually down mood person. And I think my positives up to now is my happy, fun, rather devilish (caught with my hand in the cookie jar! Yes, me, in trouble again) disposition and great sense of humor! I do find humor in the everyday and I try to mix it a bit here along with some real life happenings in my life, whether it be as Wild Anita, Mistress Anita or my real life as a real person with adult kids and my pup and kitty. 

Back to the silver lining: my fantastic regulars that somehow save the day at times for me. Our humor and regular lives that we share with each other as well as that passion, lots of TLC, tender deep French kisses, all of the things that are missing in life, we get those times with each other. And when they leave, they really do go back to their everyday lives and I continue on with my life as that horny wild tigress Anita or that domineering Mistress Anita.

Another silver lining, well, “Penelope the Pussy” and “Cleo the Clit," get spoiled at many opportunities and this lady loves to lay back and enjoy! I love the deep French kissing and being spoiled by my visiting clientele! 

Another surprise that you have not heard is that I have come into my own as a domineering Mistress Anita! Yes, the kink part of my business is starting to thrive and I look forward to those sessions with vigor! It was a stretch to begin with, I have to admit when I started offering light BDSM sessions back in early 2017. Now my sessions even go deeper than the light, to somehow medium sessions. I get turned on by punishing my subordinates that come to see me. Yes, it turns me on to beat their asses with my paddles and hands! 

I even have that wood paddle I have used periodically that I added to my collection not too long ago (It is in my February 2018 pictures). I have many clients that visit me that are cross dressers, foot fetish, lots of gentlemen that want cock and ball torture, many gentlemen that want me to tie them up (or bondage sessions), many gentlemen that want me to “face sit” on them and to make them service me as I deserve to served! (heck, again, Penelope and Cleo SCORE!). 

Yes, I get a fair amount that want me to fuck them with my strapon dildos. I guess all of it just heightens my temperature as I have total control of the sessions and the subordinate gentlemen. I enjoy “showering” the gentlemen that request my urine to hit them in my bathroom. I didn’t realize how hot urine was in temperature but I have felt it reverberate against my legs when it hits their chests. There is a selection of gentlemen that want me to feed it to them in their mouths or via a baby bottle for them to drink!

I have had a fair number of clientele that really want to wear my clothes and underwear. Many that want to be my “sissy” slave and help get me ready everyday, makeup, hair, you name it. Some want to help me cleaning my place. Why not, it turns me on when men want to clean my house for me!

Also, I am doing outcalls to suburban hotels and residences in the evenings more than in the past and they are pretty good money makers that lift my business numbers a bit. Yes, men want me for that 90 minute or two hour evening or weekend appointment and I appreciate that. I have had my share of gentlemen from out of town contact me last minute and unfortunately they expect I’ll just run to them without them verifying/screening with me ahead and I’ll say it again, I am not a dummy, so do not treat me like one. I am a frisky, hot, wild and sultry 52 year old woman who plans on living a lot more years if I can!

So that hits the high points of what I really see as the silver lining of my business. I think about where I was a year ago as a provider/companion and where I am now and I can honestly say the business is going well even though slower at times (as in the last week) than in the past. The quality of the clientele (both regulars and new clientele “fence” jumpers/fallers) has been the best part of everything! Men that seek my attentions, well, life could be worse, I have to say! Yes, my tigress roar is erupting!

Hope you are all having a great week. I need to get to bed as Lauren and I have a wonderful girlfriend day planned for tomorrow Friday. And yes, I still plan on working on Saturday! That's a bright spot too regarding the Girlfriend Days as I enjoy the company of both Lauren and Jackie!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,