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Ask Anita: Why not find a girlfriend? Why choose an escort?

Well, I guess there are multiple answers to this question. It is strange as I have many gentlemen that visit me that have girlfriends as well. Some have wives, a girlfriend and visit me. I consider that gentlemen highly sexed. Someone that has a very large sex drive. As long as they are happy, there is no reason to judge.

There are gentlemen that prefer less complications. To have a girlfriend and a wife? Well, eventually that girlfriend may imagine herself being married to that guy which could increase the risk of the wife finding out the deception. There is definitely more drama in having a girlfriend and a wife. Yes, I have heard stories where marriages were almost ended or ended over the wife finding out. It definitely makes it more difficult to sneak around after that should the marriage be saved. The wife will keep more tabs on the husband. She will be watching the bank accounts and his whereabouts much closer. 

There are men that have a girlfriend only and still visit me. I ask the question, is it variety that they seek? Sometimes the answer is yes. But most of the time they say that their girlfriend doesn't do oral or if they do, they don't do a good job of it. To that group I say, DON'T MARRY THEM! If they don't do oral now, they won't do oral with a marriage certificate. Still other gentlemen ask the question, will I give lessons? Well, I have never opened up my sessions to that. Still wondering how the girlfriend would feel to be brought into meet me for that. 

To choose an escort, well, most of us are and should be no drama. I mean, you pay the donation, visit me and go back to your life afterwards. You contact me only when you want to get together. I leave you alone until you come see me again. 

Yes, there are times when the escorts in this profession make me ashamed. The escorts that set up their "dates", rob them and those that attempt to extort more money from them the day after. The escorts that take the money and run off and don't perform the services requested. When I hear the stories from my regulars and read about such actions in reviews, it just makes my anger meter that much higher. Not all of us are bad apples, gents so please don't give up the "hobby" based on the actions of a few. Do your research though before calling, texting or emailing them to set up a meeting. If you see myself and others continually getting good reviews on TER and ads are up often in multiple locations such as RS2K, EROS, P411 and Date-Check, that means they are legitimate provider escorts. Just be respectful and understanding that those providers need to also verify you for their own safety. 

Enjoy yourself on your date with the escort you meet, regardless if it is your "ideal" woman. You should work to explore your fantasies with the escort. True sensual passion. Find a connection with someone and keep going back when finances will allow. Hugs and kisses,