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Ask Anita: Why do you say no to African-American men, isn't that racist?

This argument should be looked at from all sides before you make a judgement and call me a "racist". Here is my take on it and after that, you can decide how you wish. Those of you reading about me now know I got started in this business in March 2014 after being layed off or being a displaced worker. When I started, I didn't say no to any race initially. It wasn't the desperation for the money, it was just outright naivete. I was new to the business and didn't realize that there was even a difference in clientele.

My first client on my first day was an African-American businessman. He was in business suit when he came in. He seemed respectful on the outside but he wasn't when it came to sex. Once the clothes were off, he became an animal. He barely had the condom on (he was trying to strong arm me so he could go bare, hold me down but I was able to push him off to get the condom on him) and was extremely rough and had to be at least 9 inches or likely 10 inches. I was bleeding vaginally for hours after he left. It took me out of doing business for the day.

After that, I did have some respectful ones but the vast majority wanted "free" services, "uncovered" intercourse, and greek services uncovered.  I had some AA's make appointments and either not show up or show up and not have any money and want services first. They would laugh it off when I asked for the donation and say the money was in their car. They left and didn't return. 

I had a lot of lowballers amongst the AA's. Usually I hang up on lowballers but the ones that showed up all the sudden had a lot less money than what donation amount I gave them. I made them leave.

I also had AA's visit that wouldn't respect my "no greek" rule and would push me down on the bed and try to get it anyway. One time (this is still back in May 2014) one AA pushed me down in the bed and took away my choice and did anal on me anyway. When I said no, he continued on that path. That's called "rape" for lack of a better term. I was so emotional and sick to my stomach afterwards I ended up making an immediate doctor's appointment for an HIV test and yes, all subsequent tests came back negative so I am clean. I just didn't know for sure what to do at the time. Yes, I didn't even know if it was rape even. See gents, when you do this business, the men get the benefit of the doubt as I am getting compensation for sex. Yes, we say the money is for our time but unfortunately law enforcement would not look at that way. So who was I to go to?

So after that, the no AA was on all my advertisements and no, I have no regrets so please don't give me the guilt trip that I am being racist. Face it, it is my decision as I let you into my home or hotel room. I am the one taking the biggest risk of all. 

Hugs and kisses, 

Anita Love