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Ask Anita: Why did you raise your rates?

Well, it has been 2 years, the last time I raised them was January 1st, 2015.  I do believe everyone deserves a pay raise at some point. In that two years, I have improved greatly in my services. Also, I have moved to a more upscale safe quiet location than where I lived previously.

Some of you had met me in 2014 through part of 2016 (I moved May 21st, 2016) at my apartment in Rolling Meadows, IL. In that time, the apartment property went downhill and became pretty run down. The landlords wouldn't renovate my bathroom shower area even though it badly needed it. So I moved May 21, 2016 to a beautiful townhouse in West Schaumburg. With that move there was a rent increase.

Another issue is marketing. My advertising costs have increased and I have a yearly cost for my website. I knew in 2016 that the two Officer CEO's for Backpage were arrested for child pornography and sex trafficing and that it would likely lead to a shutdown of the adult section of Backpage. And on Jan 11th, that's exactly what happened. So while I was off the two months of my surgery, I put together this website and started advertising in alternative locations. Even though my business has still been effected, I believe that I am not as bad off as some of the providers that didn't plan ahead for that inevitability. 

Finally, my view of myself has changed. I know I am worth more! For a long time, it was hard because my skin was so thin and I took all of the bad reviews to heart. Now I have the attitude "fu__ it. If you want the spinner or cover model, go find one. But don't blame me for not being them. I am Anita. also known as "Wild Anita". I have a great personality, love passion, sensuality and bedroom play, great oral skills and I am a wild fiery tigress. Yes, I am older (age 51), chunkier and flabby and saggy in spots. But you will NOT find anyone with as great of an attitude, sense of fun, passion and gusto for this job or should I say "calling" than me! I have embraced my age and my body. I am Wild Anita, hear me Roar!"

Remember I do also offer Senior and Military Discounts ($10 off per session) to my regulars. 

Looking forward to seeing my regulars and those brave enough to come meet this fiery tigress! 

Hugs and kisses,