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Ask Anita - Why did you enter the world of being an escort when you aren't beautiful?

Ho hum, I knew there was a reason to not check my email today. To be honest, every day I wake up, I think of three reasons why I will continue another day as Wild Anita as many a day I do have to field some insults either in a bad review based on the fact that I am not the spinner or cover model that is preferred or I get unhappy gentlemen that don't want to make me feel safe by verifying, and express themselves angrily at me (and I proceed to block them on my phone). The reasons I have expressed before but are below: 

1. The first reason is financial. I have a 21 year old son to continue to put through college, I need to pay my bills and I have a 25 year old son that is in the Army and he sometimes needs a bit of financial help as well. Also, financial reasons are what made me enter the business back in 2014 as I was laid off from a corporate job as my youngest son was finishing his senior year of high school and entering his freshmen year in college (three years later he is now going into his senior year of college). I continue to work on saving money for my life "after the business": in a few years, move to Tennessee, buy a home, continuing my writing, maybe writing a book or two, and for my other passion, maybe open a rescue shelter for abused and/or abandoned dogs and cats.

2. The second reason is I love connecting with passionate mature men that love the two way street and truly enjoy the sensual interplay in the bedroom. Our bodies are a playground. I give the mature gentlemen what they are missing at home and it also fills the void for what I was missing in sensual enjoyment for a long time in my 27 year marriage. I say everyday that I have a lot of great regular clientele and I keep getting more mature gentlemen added to that list every week with a lot of positive feedback saying how much fun they had with me. 

3. The third is I like to make a difference in people's lives. I write a blog that I think helps men connect to an escort and the life of an escort in a totally different way. It is both informational and provides the life of a real person that has her share of struggles that she has had to overcome. I handle it sometimes in a humorous but always honest fashion. I get emails regularly from "fans" that remind me that they enjoy what I write and want me to keep going. That even though they aren't necessarily local fans that can meet me in person (I have readers across the country and around the world), it helps them make decisions on whether to pursue the "hobby" in the location where they live. Many say that if they ever get to my area, they would love to meet me for a session. 

So to the above gentleman asking why I entered into the escort business when I am not beautiful, I would like to counter back with a question to him and maybe to all of you, what do you consider beautiful? So many men have different ideas on beauty. I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and I find a sensual attractive for my age (of 51) real woman with a real body that has had no work done surgically but I am happy just as I am. Do you know I almost went through breast augmentation surgery in August of this year because I wanted so badly to be accepted by those big boob loving men? I guess I felt like I was missing a segment of the business until so many of my regulars mentioned how much they loved my natural breasts with big nipples. So I was willing to change myself for a segment of the business that I thought I was missing, and possibly lose some of my beloved regulars who loved my body as it is. What is wrong with that picture? 

That is the picture of a world where our women, daughters and grandaughters are measured based on their beauty and how thin or athletically attractive they are rather than how real, personable and how smart they are. How unrealistic it is to ever believe we can achieve that beautiful barbie doll body standard? So many young girls have eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa because they don't think they will ever achieve perfection and they will never have a boyfriend or a husband in their life that will accept them as they are. 

Yes, I have a big belly, a big butt and saggy tits, but you know, I am me and yes, I am a 51 year old woman with flaws. You can either accept me and climb off the fence, verify and spend an hour or more of your time with me to see how enjoyable our bodies can be together, how real passion is for those that truly enjoy the sensual experience. Or you can pursue the spinner, that beautiful barbie doll body, if that makes you happy. You do need to remember though that beauty does come from within.

There are many beautiful women in the escort business that are not that beautiful inside. Many escorts are addicts, alcoholics, thiefs, blatantly dishonest about themselves, and lying in wait to take advantage of gentlemen for their money. It's the exterior shell that you see. Many of these beautiful women charge $400 or more per hour for their services and they paint themselves (on their advertisements and websites) like they are working a full time executive job by day and lovers of the sensual passionate life at night so are only doing escorting for fun and fantastic sex. Sorry, gentlemen, those stories aren't really true. No, they are lovers of money and what gifts they can get from a mature wealthy gentlemen. Many of them dislike sex, that is why they increased their cost to be low volume because they only want several gentlemen a week. If they loved sex, wouldn't they want it more often? 

So this wild passionate sensual mature tigress will stay in this business for a few more years and I really don't care that I can't grab the business of shallow men that are more concerned with bodily perfection than reality. I'll keep working at improving my services every day and sharing my world with my "fans", my audience through my blog at night. As I keep plugging along, I have a small nucleus of friends in the business that support me and remind me day in and day out that I am beautiful inside and out and to hell with the critics. Gaining a thicker skin, i never thought I would, but I am. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,