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Ask Anita - Why are you so unhappy getting 6's and 7's for performance in your TER reviews?

Gentlemen, I know I seem like a whiny baby at this point but let me just explain the rating system for TER. This flaming upset tigress just lost 5 points off my average with the last four June reviews that gave me 6 in looks, 6 in performance, 5 in looks 7 in performance, 7 in looks, 7 in performance and 6 in looks, 7 in performance. For those that don't understand what the numbers all mean, see below for a synopsis of choices. 

First the Looks Ratings: 

1 - I was really scared

2 - Ugly

3 - Homely

4 - Ok if you are drunk

5 - Plain

6 - Nice

7 - Attractive

8 - Really Hot

9 - Model Material

10 - One in a Lifetime

Second, the Performance Ratings: 

1 - A total ripoff

2 - Should have stayed home

3 - Barely worth the effort

4 - She just laid there

5 - Average

6 - Nice Time

7 - Hot Time

8 - Went the Extra Mile

9 - Forgot it was a service

10 - One in a Lifetime

The overall average comes from the averaging of those above Looks and Performance Numbers. So with the last four reviews in June, I dropped from a 6.4 average to a 5.9 average which is pretty significant in the rating system. I had a bad bout of reviews in 2014 that I haven't ever been able to totally recover from but I can tell you this, my sessions are ACTION PACKED and this wild tigress spends a lot of time pleasing and getting pleased by my gentlemen clients and doing my best to go above and beyond. My attitude is always passionate, upbeat, happy and ready to play.

My performance is always on par as an 8 "Went the Extra Mile" or a 9 "Forgot it was a service". I realize my looks are probably at best 7 attractive and for those folks that are harder to please, more the average of a 5. So I don't expect the world in the looks scores but my performance scores due to BBBJ cum in mouth/swallowing and rimming/butt play and prostate massage and body to body naked massage, all of that puts me in the category of an 8 or a 9 in performance. Because I don't do anal, I will never qualify for a 10 in performance (no biggie, I don't want that pain in the ass).   

Yes, I appreciate all of the kind words shared and said about me as all of the gentlemen in the last six months have said wonderful things and it appears the reviews are being read because I get a lot of business based on new TER reviews posting about me. I just want you all to understand that the numbers matter too and if I work my ass off to deserve higher scores, regardless of whether my looks match my performance, I deserve the higher performance scores. 

Now over and out, going to bed. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,