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Ask Anita: What makes a great client?

Well, I have a lot of experience with great clients so it's the perfect question. I know some men don't care if they are great clients. The purpose of finding an escort is for their gratification. But there are many gentlemen out there that really only want one, two or three regular providers to visit periodically so they want to develop a friendly non-committal GFE (without the drama) relationship with the ones that he meets with. There still are those hobbyists out there that never repeat mainly because they love a variety in the escorts they choose and yes, I have met some of them. They are the ones that give me the lousy reviews because my body doesn't live up to the athletic or spinner bodies. By the way, their faces would likely scare me when I turn the lights on but that's another story for another time. Now back to what makes a great client, there are so many things. Let's start from what starts out the relationship between the provider and client. 

1. The Introduction and screening/verification process: Starting out bad can really color the relationship before there is even an appointment. Some gentlemen get angry over the verification requirements, thinking they are revealing too much or being singled out to produce copies of proof they aren't law enforcement. The thing to remember in this: Escorts are letting gentlemen into their homes or hotel rooms that could either arrest them or kill them or rape them or rob them. On the other side of this, they could be the best client and do none of that. But the escorts are taking the most chances by opening the door to the unexpected. Yes, you could be getting involved with a psycho woman who could attempt to extort you or she and her pimp could rob you. In order to avoid that, one would hope you are doing your research and reading the reviews of any potential escorts on The Erotic Review or on Escort Babylon!/chicago or other review sites before attempting to set any appointments with them. Please respect and understand the Ecort's reasoning for having a screening form or emailing requirement to verify before providing any further information or appointment. From my perspective, I purge the information (whatever copies provided) once I have verified the client so that it is really a one time verfication and then we are off to the races on setting a future appointment day and time. Something to consider, joining P411 or RS2K does simplify the process of verification so that there is a lot less required in proving oneself to future providers. There are links to both at the bottom of my website pages. 

2. Follow the instructions that the escort asks. If it is email communication only through verification and even when appointments are set, please follow that.  If some providers allow text or phone during verification through appointment setting, that is fine too. Some rules are set so that the Escort can carry on another part of their life while still carrying on the Escort business. I know for a fact it is easier to not have the phone ringing all the time. I can get more done if verifications are handled via email and my screening form from new potential clients and phone calls and texts are reserved for only existing "regulars" clients. 

3. Do not try to negotiate or lowball on the donation amounts. We are not in a country where bartering for goods and services is the norm. It shows a lack a respect and the likelihood is you will not get the appointment. 

4. Be punctual for appointments. The Escort has a schedule to keep and sometimes someone else may be scheduled for 1.5 hours later so that means if you are a half hour late, you may have a face to face with a client following your appointment. For discretion purposes, the Escort shouldn't schedule clients back to back but in reality there are many that do this (not me though). If you are running late it is best to call or text the provider to see if being late is okay or if a reschedule is a better idea. 

5. If life gets in the way of the appointment (work or family emergency or the like), please call or text the provider immediately to let them know you can't make it. Some of us don't have a financial penalty in place for cancellations but at least expect a couple of hours notice (so that we can fill the appointment time with another client) but there are some providers that do have a cancellation policy that requires an partial payment if not cancelled within a certain amount of time. Please be respectful and honor whatever policy the provider has. Remember, the providers schedule the appointments and are expecting the donation. If the client cancels with no notice or if they just don't show up, that donation amount is lost. It's an old adage but we are only trying to make a living. Be respectful for our time just like you would want us to be with your time. 

6. For a first visit with a provider, bring a surprise! Either it can come from her "wish list" or it can be something creative. I think gentlemen forget how many women LOVE surprises. Again, it's never expected but always appreciated. 

7. Be freshly showered, teeth brushed (or minty fresh breath, aka use breath mints) and fingernails trimmed before meeting with the escort or ask to use her shower and freshen up at the start of the session. This should be a given without having to explain why.

8. Look your escort in the eyes and ask what she enjoys in the bedroom. At the beginning of any first appointments, there should always be a conversation that starts with what boundaries there are and what she may enjoy. I think what's important in the bedroom is "play time". What is missed by some gentlemen hobbyists is that it isn't just about them, it is the two way street. Think about what you do not get at home. Do you want more interplay, romance, passion in the bedroom? If the answer is yes, then let's make this playtime the most fun you have had all week or weeks. 

9. Show your manners at the appointment and give respect to the escort in relation to her wants and needs and respecting her boundaries. Give her compliments! Women love them and it sets the tone for a great hour or hours of time together. 

10. Do your best to make the best of the hour or hours even if the provider isn't your type. I know this because I have gotten it from men that have joined me in my playground but they obvioujsly would have rather had the spinner. You can still have a great time and give the provider a great time even if the chemistry isn't all there from your side of it. Don't act like a jerk to her because of your dissappointment. You are there now so make the best of it. 

11. Don't go over on your time (whether hour or half hour appointment) with the provider even though you haven't reached climax. There are mature gentlemen out there that the pipes don't work like they used to. These gentlemen either pick a half hour or hour hoping things do work but sometimes they just don't. Either you come up with an agreement with a provider for an additional amount owed for a longer session (should she have no one scheduled right after you) or you leave at your time as scheduled and you just consider it the "journey" rather than the outcome. I have a lot of mature older gentlemen clients that see me that have gotten to consider it "the journey". We have a wonderful two way street time, lots of passionate kissing, lots of oral on both sides and for one reason or another the client doesn't climax. It is disappointing for me only in that I love to make a guy climax, it is my mission in life but never to rush them, to give them the best hour I have and then the kaboom! But it is funny, it's never been an issue for them. They still come back to me in future weeks to have a great "journey" again! 

12. Should your escort give her all during that period of time with you and really go above and beyond, please consider rewarding her for her efforts with a tip. It's a small gesture but it is very thoughtful and makes us feel appreciated and happy the rest of the day. By the way, the above and beyond isn't just the hot body. I see so many reviews lately where the beginning and end is all about how happy the gent was that this gal was hot and then gives her an 8 or a 9 on services when there was only one pop. It's someone that does multiple pops without complaining, has a great attitude, listens to your wants and does whatever possible to make sure you have the incredible no rush time period you paid for. 

13. Don't bully the escort to get your way in the hour. If your escort doesn't offer Greek, then the short answer is a no is still a no. Respect her boundaries. 

14. Thank the escort for the wonderful time upon leaving. 

15. Offer to give the escort a great review after the session. It is a business changer to get a positive review on The Erotic Review. Some of us depend on it especially now with the loss of Backpage's Adult Entertainment section. Please consider giving great reviews to those providers that have earned it. Don't be petty and tear them down if they are not your type. But say great things about how they perform the services. Earned 8's, 9's and 10's on the service end should be rewarded with a great review.

I read a tweet from earlier this week that said "Be the kind of client that after they leave and the door closes, the escort does a dance." (like they made her day!). Some days I do a lot of dances, and it is such a pleasure to be me! I am so lucky to have such great regular clients.  One time I had a client that after he and I had a wonderful oral session, passionate kissing and after almost every position in intercourse, he and I slow danced to the music I had playing in the background. I am sure he is reading this now and he knows I am talking about him! Anyway, that was a session that had me buzzing with excitement for the rest of my day. Looking forward to more of those fun sessions this week!

Please note that next weekend I will be answering the other question in this blog "What makes a great escort." 

Hugs and kisses,