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Ask Anita - What is the most frustrating part of being a provider/escort?

Oh my goodness, I hate these kinds of questions, gentlemen because there is no way to not sound like I am a whiner. So let me start with the positives of my business and then we can hit on some negatives or frustrations.

The best part of my business is my regulars, the charming mature gentlemen that keep coming back and I have built a wonderful sexy camaraderie with them. We have sensual passionate fun, deep french kissing, lots of two way street and naked body to body. Even better than that, the intelligent lively conversations on many subjects, It’s old friends getting together but having that passionate fun and cataclysmic boom! In addition, I have many great new clients that were brave enough to fall off that fence and verify with me and we had a great time as well. I look forward to seeing them again when they can make time to visit.

Now for the frustrations, let me count the ways. Every day has it’s share of them but I’ll just say that the positives mentioned above do keep me in this business, besides the economics. So, the following, not in any particular order, are the frustrations:

  1. The emails, texts and phone calls that go nowhere or “the time-wasters” - Yes, these are the people that ask services questions that I really can’t answer until I verify them. In addition, the foreign element of those that can’t speak English or should I say some try to speak English but can’t understand what I am asking when I ask them to go read my website and then verify with me via screening, email or text. Also, the most frustrating of the time wasters are the people that call, text or email and say “Are you available?” I have stopped answering the “Are you Available” texts/emails because it isn’t worth my time. Also, those “interested parties” that ask “rates” and “location” questions without reading the website. Point blank, I want the men that want to meet me to read my website first, get to know me that way as well as read my reviews on both TER and Erotic Monkey (the links to the review websites are down below on these pages) and then feel comfortable verifying with me either via screening form, email or text. For those on the fence, once you see that I am a real, no drama (totally discreet), mature provider that doesn’t mean any harm to you (or your life or work) and just want to feel safe and secure meeting you, that usually moves a gentlemen into the “ready to screen/verify” and/or “ready to book” category of potential client. I have new clients that tell me everyday how happy they are that they made that decision to screen and set the appointment to meet me in person.
  2. Lowballers - These are the gentlemen that don’t understand that I am reasonable in my donations but I won’t be taken advantage of. No, I don’t accept lower or modified rates. In addition, I don’t accept gift cards or credit cards in payment of my donations. 
  3. Clients and potential clients that cancel their appointment last minute (meaning within a couple hours of the appointment time) - I have wavered back and forth regarding charging cancellation penalty fees before backing off as I am not an unreasonable provider. I realize real life and work gets in the way of “Skippy time”. But that said, I have some of the same gentlemen that continually cancel last minute and I’ve had to “cut the cord” to allowing them to schedule appointments in advance or even just not allow them to schedule again at all. I don’t like to be the “bitch” because that isn’t me. I am a very kind, compassionate, understanding person but at some point, I do have to “cut the cord” as I am in a business and I can’t continue to lose money. With three hours or more cancellation notice, I can usually find another gentlemen to take the appointment.
  4. Client’s Hygiene issues - What do I expect, gentlemen to be freshly showered with minty fresh breath. In lieu of that, gentlemen can use my showering facilities and I always have mouthwash available. Yes, you’d be surprised, there are gentlemen that show up without having had a “recent” shower and still turn me down regarding using my shower. Also, gentlemen that show up after having smoked cigarettes and not having used mouthwash or mints to mask it. For those gentlemen, I won’t be able to do the rimming and butt play that they may want me to do. Alternatively, I am always freshly showered with minty fresh breath. What I require of the gentlemen is the same that I require of myself.
  5. Rude pushy “new” clients - These are the clients that push my head down on their cock when I am sucking them, or inflict pain on me in some way (i.e., bite nipples, spank hard or bite my neck) or not respecting my limits (such as strongly suggesting we try "Greek" even though it is on my "no" list). I do make notations next to the new client's names so I will remember and not accept them back again. 

This is basically a snapshot of the most frustrating part of me being an escort. I probably have whined about other things over time as well. I don’t lie when I say I enjoy my job but some days are more frustrating than others. Today was a bit frustrating as it seemed like the real time wasters came out of the woodwork on a day when I offered night appointments for the first time in three months. No potential “interested parties” wanted to read my website or verify/screen to see me. So I had all my appointments during the day, but none at night. Hoping for a better day on Thursday (back to regular hosting hours though)!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,