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Ask Anita - What is the most annoying part or maybe what you dislike the most of your job? What is the best part of your job?

Well gentlemen, there are so many things that annoy me on a day to day basis, I guess I would feel like I am basically repeating what I have said in the past. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Please either be clean with minty fresh breath when you show up or ask to use my shower to clean up before we get intimate.  

Another is if you are not verified, please do not ask me questions about my services. A gentlemen messaged me through the Contact Page on my website and asked if I liked DATY? I mean seriously, all you blog readers know that I love that. It's also on the Rates page and the FAQ page. You have a whole website to review and the answers to all service questions are all here on all of these pages if you read. Reading my website pages and reading my TER reviews (TER ID 256588) is all part of your research that allows yourself to feel more comfortable before you verify with me in order to meet me. I want every gentlemen to feel comfortable and not worried when they meet me. That's why I have a website and a blog that I write to show that I am drama free and not law enforcement. If I wasn't for real, would I go to all this trouble to write a blog? Yes, gentlemen, law enforcement wouldn't waste time writing a daily blog, I can tell you that. 

I am tired of receiving pictures texted of men's genitals and text messages and phone calls from unfamiliar non-verified clients with "Are you available?" I can't meet new gentlemen until they verify with me so the start of any conversation should be a kind introduction of themselves and more of a conversation on what is needed to verify or send an email with the requisite info and attachments or the screening form completion via this website. 

In addition, if you can't speak English, do not call me. I can assure you I am not Hispanic, Italian, Polish, French (even though I deep french kiss), or Russian. I am Caucasian, of Irish and English descent, but born in the U.S.A. And yes, I am serious about the minimum age of 35 and no African-American or I would not state it on my website in multiple places. 

Finally, I hate clients that make appointments and either cancel without notice or no show me. Yes, a simple phone call or text as soon as you know you can't make it. It stops me from blocking you altogether. 

So I guess the above is more of a reiteration of what I don't like to happen on a daily basis and what could make my job infinitely easier and more pleasant if gentlemen were thinking with their big head versus their small head. 

Now regarding what I love about my job (and again I am guessing you all have read this before but it bears repeating), read as follows:

1. I love the mature gentlemen that come to me that love to deep french kiss. Makeout sessions, love them!

2. I love the wonderful mature gentlemen that I meet that are friendly and intelligent, provide great conversation throughout the session, before, during and after. 

3. I love the protein shakes, cum hither, gentlemen! This Wild Tigress is a swallower. 

4. I love the naked body to body contact! I love humping men's legs and body. The sensual massage on your back, I love rubbing my clit and titties all over you. This Wild Tigress get's off from it!

5. I love the banter dirty talk. Gentlemen just need to get me going and I play along to provide the best wild dirty cum whore talk that I can. 

6. I love the two way street of pleasure in the bedroom. Want to please me, dine at the Y also known as DATY and I do the same back? Want to do a 69? I rim you, suck and lick and tease your cock. Do you like rimming me? Again, it is your turn ons that I love discovering. Do you love sucking my titties? Do you like your titties sucked? Do you want to watch Anita masterbate? Do you want to use a toy on me? What a playground we have here, yippee!

7. I love the creativity of the bedroom. Do you have a role play you like? Or do you like Dom/Sub play? Do you like a prostate massage? Would you like me to fuck you with a strap-on? Yes, we can make the playground whatever you want it to be here. My only no is no to Greek and pain (those gentlemen that want me to be their sub and try to inflict pain, no, that's not my thing). Anita doesn't judge. If it turns you on, it just revs my engine!

8. I love the regulars that I have, so many great gentlemen. As I have said in the past, I have a great group of regulars that I would not trade for anything. The continual conversations. It doesn't matter how long it's been, we just catch up when they return. 

9. Gentlemen that are thoughtful, bring me something from my wishlist, tip me, or write a great TER review about me. Never expected but always appreciated, thank you! Yes, it can cheer me up as sometimes it is not always easy being Wild Anita. 

10. The emails I get from gentlemen that tell me that they love my blog and that I make a difference in their lives. They may not be able to arrange a meet due to work, circumstances (they live across the country) or economics,  but they totally enjoy and love what I have to share here. I do love to make a difference!

So gentlemen, not necessarily a totally exhaustive list but many things I LOVE about my job and it makes me want to continue to be Wild Anita tomorrow and the next day and so on (at least until I reach my plan for "retirement" in a few years). It overshadows all the complaints I reiterated above. It makes me get up every day to show sensual pleasure to my clients and to be pleasured in return on a daily basis.

This Wild Tigress needs to go to bed so I will have that energy of a thirty year old tomorrow. 

Hugs and wild voracious kisses,