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Ask Anita - What is the best thing that has happened in your own view since SESTA has been signed?

Well, I will have some gentlemen get mad when I say this but the best thing for me is The Erotic Review ("TER") closing down the U.S. reviews and removing the U.S. reviews. 

As many of you know, I was forced to remove my reviews from my website last Summer because TER said that the TER VIP terms of service basically said that no one other than VIP's that paid for their membership or the TER VIP's that write reviews to gain their membership were the only ones that can view them in entirety. TER threatened to bann and delist me if I didn't remove them off my website.

Roll forward to a few weeks ago and as soon as I had a feeling TER was going to shut down, I duplicated my reviews word for word (no spelling corrections) onto my website (for years 2016 thru 2018).  Yes, some of the reviews aren't as kind about me but many of the reviews are very good.

The reason I am happy that TER shut down the U.S. reviews is simple. The biggest stress on providers is with the gentlemen that comes through the door, that aren't as attracted to the provider (many want the spinners/cover models), and writes either a bad or mediocre review and says "I won't repeat". I can only speak for myself when I say that I work my ass off in all of my sessions and I go above and beyond. When I say I allow multiple shots on goal in all of my one hour or longer sessions, I mean that and I will do my best to get gentlemen off a second and third time even as long as it is within the time frame of what they have paid for. Half hour sessions are only "one shot on goal".  

So now that I don't have TER VIP's to write an unfair review of me, I am super relaxed in all my sessions and I'm just enjoying the hell out of them! I am totally relaxed! I am relaxed at my place and relaxed when I am going to do outcalls! I really would rather have a no review policy and just be able to work my way through my sessions, enjoy all that deep french kissing, lots of naked body to body, lots of 69 and men dining on my pussy and sucking my titties! Men that want to ride "Penelope the Pussy" no problem, name your position, or if you want all positions, yes, super awesome, let's do all of them! Do you want to rim me after I rim you, sure, that's great, let's do it!

So I am raring to go for all my appointments, and as usual, totally washed clean as I take showers between all my appointments. As I said, I do brush my teeth between clients and gargle with hydrogen peroxide between each appointments. 

Today I just received my blood and urinalysis test results from Saturday, May 5th and I am totally disease free, again. I have never had a sexually transmitted disease in my life. I get tested monthly for Gonorrhea and Clamydia and never had either and a couple days ago I was tested for all sexually trasmitted diseases (including HIV) in my every three month check and totally clean again. The only disease that can be transmitted orally is Gonorrhea (and it's a very small chance at that) as the remaining are transmitted through intercourse and I use condoms for intercourse. 

So I hope those sitting on the fence regarding me understand how important being clean in everything on both the outside and inside is for me. I do not take my responsibilites as a adult entertainer (or "sex worker") for granted. I will always be doubly careful in everything and be tested regularly. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,