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Ask Anita - What is a typical day for you?

Well, first thing Anita does in the morning (I wake up around 6:15am) is feed my pup, Belle, take a shower, shave, blowdry my hair, get dressed and put my makeup on. Then I take Belle for a walk. I check my phone to make sure no one has texted for the first appointment. Most of the time my 8am appointment isn't taken. Today it was.

My first client prebooked the 8am and he brought me coffee. Always a pleasure when a man surprises this wild tigress with her lifeblood. Men that are thoughtful, well, it does make my day. It isn't often that I get surprises anymore. It is the thought that counts. A couple of hours and then a regular brought me coffee again. Yes, you could peel Wild Anita from the ceiling by the afternoon. I don't eat a lot during the day. Egg sandwiches, PBJ, just the usual protein to hold me over until the gents give me my protein shakes. 

Both of my first couple clients enjoyed a ride on Anita's pussy in addition to some oral play and providing Anita with her protein shakes. I LOVE exercise and sexual intercourse is the best form of it! Ayeeeeeeeee! In the afternoon, a couple of more regulars joined me (two hours apart) and again, more riding of Anita as well as oral and rimming. The theme for the day? Passionate kissing. All of the clients today loved kissing. Now this isn't always usual. I mean I do have some regulars that don't kiss.

Obviously this wild tigress enjoys it but I know there are some men that GFE isn't important to them. I don't say no to ones that don't kiss. I'll be honest, those that tell me that they want a simple blow and go (15 min rate request or whatever) are rejected as clients usually. I don't have an interest in furthering that clientele. Gentlemen that want covered blow jobs and that is it, well, that takes 2nd place for my least favorite kind of appointment. Sorry, gents, your hand is cheaper.

I am known for my BBBJCIM swallowing. There are plenty of younger providers that their requirement is covered everything including blow jobs (most of the under 30 crowd do CBJ). I would recommend them before me for that. Yes, I have an amazing mouth but it's wasted with covered blow jobs. 

I will keep with my 30 minutes, hour and multiple hour clients, thank you. Most of my clients are hour or longer clients. I have days where most of my clients are 90 minutes or two hours. I think the trend is because men need some form of stress relief and if they are going to take time out for cock time, they take 90 minutes or two hours because it is such a welcome relief from all the shit they get throughhout the rest of their life (work, home, whatever). I relish providing that relief for them all. For the most part, skippy rises to the occasion BIG TIME! Or at least I do what I can to make that happen. 

Sometimes I am sore after my day in certain spots and sometimes not. I don't always have intercourse with my clients as a fair number of them prefer oral, rimming and toy play. I am having more gents preferring prostate massage as well as strapon play as well. The prostate massage and strapon play is part of the fetish session at $160 hour. 

I have a lot of regulars because I am patient (I have my share of ED clientele) with a great attitude, energetic (at 51, still have energy as if I was in my 30's), willing (meaning open to most things other than greek), a great kisser (according to many in my reviews), wild and insatiably lusty (I allow men to do DATY, DATO on me and 69) and incredibly gifted with my tongue and mouth. I thoroughly enjoy my familiar visitors and I get a kick out of making men happy and just get off on it. I do love to win the new men over to me as well.

I know I can't please everyone but I will go above and beyong to try. According to one of my reviews, one of the gentlemen wouldn't come back because he said I was TOO wild. Not really sure why being too wild is a BAD thing. I mean I thought the sex at home if it exists at all is just the vanilla missionary intercourse so men come out in search of Anita (or other providers) for the different, wild, insatiable, lusty tigress type. Wild can be great, or at the very least NOT boring.  

After my last client, I have cleanup, laundry, sheets, towels and dog walking before making myself something quick for dinner. My favorite show is Shark Tank. I watch TV in the evening and fall asleep on my couch. If I get screening forms in the evening, I work on doing what I can to finish verifying gentlemen before bed and sending them a quick email.

I do work to responding quickly to screenings. If there are gents squeamish about the screening form, I do take verifications via email and text. I need men not to be cagey with me however. I had another gentlemen act a bit cagey yesterday (and a little too charming) and it ended up he had an assault on his criminal record. I can't take gentlemen that have criminal assault, battery or any type of abuse or worse on their records.

I would think that would be a given but maybe he thought I wasn't intelligent enough to check? All one has to do is read my blog to know that Wild Anita is not the usual provider. As one client told me today, "You have your shit together, unlike other providers that do this business." I appreciated the fact he NOTICED! 

Time for bed for this Wild Tigress. I will sleep like a Tiger as today was a very active day. Good night, gentlemen. 

Hugs and wild ferociously hungry kisses,