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Ask Anita: What is a typical client that comes to see you?

Well, because I have the age restriction, my clientele are mainly age 40 and up (a few late 30's), business professionals and retirees (former business professionals). I have mainly age 40's to age 80's. Yes, there are octogenarians that STILL get hardons or even if they don't, many want physical affection. I had an 80 something year old that came over just to suck and lick my clit. He said DATY was one of the things he missed the most since he lost his wife to cancer. Of course, I melted when he told me that. I get the sweetest older gentlemen clients ever! He is just one example of many older 60's, 70's and 80's gents that I see. 

With sticking to mainly business days Monday through Friday 8am-6pm, I get gentlemen usually coming from work or older gentlemen getting away from home and all are very respectful and none under influences such as alcohol. It is another way of keeping me safe. I can't really do evenings due to the roommate but I really don't like doing them as the quality of clientele does go down as the hours get later. I can almost tell when a guy is drunk when he calls me after 9pm and can barely get the words out regarding wanting to see me and hoping I'll feel sorry enough to go out to do an outcall for him. it's my opinion that the sexual encounter that awaits the other end of that outcall will be less than satisfying for this Wild Tigress. And again, most men wanting outcalls rarely want to screen/verify to make me feel any better about the situation. So for safety purposes, I will stay at my nice cozy townhouse and go to bed at a reasonable hour, thank you!

Another aspect of a typical client is that most that come to see me mainly want oral. Now is that because Anita is well known for her oral abilities, her BBBJCIM and swallowing? I don't think so even though men do say they have wanted to meet me for a long time after they read my reviews. I just think men don't get oral at home or if they do, it is mainly a special occasion. So of course if they want to go see a provider, oral is a big draw. I also know that many men hate condoms so if they can get Wild Anita to swallow or take it on the face or body (such as on my butt), that would definitely be more the preference. I'll still have many in their 40's and 50's that use the male condom or want me to use the female condom and then when the time comes to cum, they will whip off the condom and cum in my mouth or on my face, etc. Anita is all about giving men their fantasies.

One of the things I do know is I have a keen ability to read the yearnings of what men want and love in the bedroom. I can find their buttons that turn them on and just drive them wild. And alternatively, sometimes the men are good enough lovers (and some of them great) to be able to drive me wild as well. I do indeed love the interplay, sensual body to body contact and passion that some men give me and I feed off of it and give them lots of sensual pleasure back. I am not going to say men are simpler than women but their complexities in the bedroom are different than women of course.  

I don't see women or couples as clients so basically I differ from many other providers as I am heterosexual. When Jackie and I do doubles, I do kiss her and go down on her and she does to me but it mainly is for the show that the men want in the doubles session. Regarding the question in your own minds, when's the next doubles day, likely sometime in April. 

Hugs and kisses,