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Ask Anita - What does discretion assured mean to you?

Hi all, this seems to be a good day to talk about discretion and what it means to me. First off, I am assuring my clients or potential clients or fence sitters that I will not reveal any of their private information or anything from their personal lives. I won’t talk about them to anyone, which includes family, friends, other sex workers, or mention of it here in any of my blogs. Now, I know many of you think, well, don’t you and your girlfriends talk about us after we have been with you in a session? The short answer is a no. I’ll mention I was with a few of my favorite regulars today but I never mention who, anything from their lives or even details of the sessions. The only session details I may share are of "anonymous" clients that get mentioned in my "Anita Diaries". 

I used to work in law departments as a paralegal for about 13 years and then worked on contracts as a Contracts Manager in healthcare companies for the additional 12 years before I became Anita in 2014.  Everything about my job and the type of information I was faced with everyday was secretive and not to be discussed with anyone either at home or outside of the company. So I have a strong inclination to always keep personal information to myself. Discretion has been a part of me since I was in my early 20’s out in the work world.

Now, yes, I am the mature wild tigress Anita that writes tidbits of my week in my blogs, particularly in “The Anita Diaries” excerpts. If you notice, when I talk of clients, I either have created “nicknames” such as “Pussy Muncher” or I have referred to them as simply new or regulars clients. Some I will say are “travelers from out of state” or “travelers from the East” or “travelers from the West”.  I refer to my 2014 clients as my “originals”. I have had gentlemen clients ask if they will get mentioned in my blog and I always reply that obviously names and any personal information are withheld but I might make reference to the time spent in my Anita Diaries, especially if “Penelope the pussy” or “Cleo the Clit” get any extra worship or adoration.

For the light BDSM side of the business, I do like to reference the kinds of meets that I have had during the week in whether it was strapon, cross dressing, foot fetish, role plays, cock and ball torture, spankings, restraints, etc, because it also helps promote that kink side of my business. I have gentlemen ask me if hitting or squeezing or twisting their balls is something I would be willing to do and yes, I have done that. Some men want me to leash them and make them my sissy for the hour appointment and the answer is yes, sure. For those foot fetish folks, I just love my feet treated so warmly with massage and sucking of my toes. I love touching their “Skippy’s” with my feet. 

So back to the discretion meaning, I totally get that the gentlemen are coming to see me because something is missing in their private life or they may just want a little more variety in that sensual area of their lives. What is shared with me in the screening/verification and also whatever is shared with me in our sessions, the gentlemen’s personal information is safe with me. I’ll go so far as to say that I consider myself like a therapist with my clients and in that, being a “professional” and acting “professional” includes me keeping personal/private information of my clients entirely secret.

Everyone that has read prior Anita Diaries blogs knows of the “Pussy Muncher," and how much he loves dining at the Y on this wild tigress.  But other than how hungry he is for me when he comes over and some excerpts of the two hours spent with me twice a month in the Anita Diaries, well that is all you know about him. You don’t know his real name, what he looks like, or anything about his family or friends or his occupation. You won’t read or hear that information from me.

Anyway, hope all of you out there are having a wild, sensual, passionate week of fun. If you are not, I am still here waiting wildly for some passionate attention.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,