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Ask Anita - What do you find makes your day when you’re with clients?

 I do find those gentlemen that get me gifts, flowers, candy, gift cards, wine, lube, toys, tips and write nice cards to me do make my day. Yes, this wild tigress get’s more of a spring in her step and a nice cat stretch just like if I get a nice massage.  I do have many a gentlemen also offer me a full body massage during session and that is something I will never turn down. Imagine your hands up and down my naked body with your lips and tongue following. A gentlemen licking my body, up and down, too wonderful! I also have a gentlemen regular that brings his own coconut oil, I just provide the hot water to warm the oil.   

Part of my job as a blog writer in addition to being an escort is to provide gentlemen ideas to heat up those home fires or maybe impress that girlfriend or escort of choice. I think most of you know that getting yourself out of the dog house does require you buying some flowers and taking the wife to a nice dinner.  If you think that you can score some wild “Skippy” time, I am sure you’ll figure out some way to impress her. I know, so many that see me in a regular basis have told me for the most part “that ship has long ago sailed” and the “Skippy” fun time is not that often if at all. I do think some women might agree to that occasional hand job just to get their hubby relaxed. I often wonder why “wives” think their husband will forget about sex. Isn’t that one of the top three things a man thinks about on a daily basis?

So really all women love to be spoiled, pampered, gifted and given lots of attention. It can lead to the gentlemen benefiting entirely on the sensual end or well, it may not lead there. You can only hope!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,