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Ask Anita - What are the things that irritate you about other escorts/providers in the business?

Wow, so many things irritate me about other escorts and unfortunately I could go on for days on this subject. Let me count the ways, in no particular order:

  1. Get the client "off" quickly and move him along. Yes, so many escorts are rush rush, get the client off and move them on. They act like it is an hour or half hour appointment but really they consider the appointment over once the client ejaculates. I had a gentlemen tell me he paid for an hour at the tune of $250 and the escort shooed him out after he came in the first fifteen minutes. I apologized to him for this provider’s rudeness. I would never dream of doing this to a client. If he pays for a half hour, he gets that. If he pays for an hour or 90 minutes or two hours, or more, he gets that time. I do multiple pops for hour or more clientele. No I don’t do fifteen minute appointments mainly because I like to have friendships with a lot of my clients and I prefer building a “connection”. That only comes with spending more time with clients. Many of my return “regular” clients come back to me because they feel my warmth and felt very comfortable and cared for by me.
  2. Escorts that try to extort more money out of their clients after the appointment or take the money and run without performing the services. I kind of group both of these together as an escort being dishonest, underhanded and for lack of a better term, stealing from their clients. There is NO excuse for this and it is absolutely ridiculous. I have had two of my clients taken advantage of, one for a great deal of money from an escort that acted like they were critically sick and the other arrived to their appointment at a hotel room and gave the money to the escort who then excused herself while he got undressed and she basically left and did not come back. There is nothing else I can say about this as it just makes me angry and boil over. For those hobbyists that have similar horror stories, all I can say is I am deeply sorry.
  3. Escorts that have lots of rules and otherwise do not want to perform many of the services.  I have heard stories of escorts that don’t want their breasts sucked or touched (“it hurts too much’), or they don’t want a client to perform DATY (dining at the Y) or DATO (rimming on them or Dining at the O) on them, or they don’t deep french kiss, or they don’t want to be fingered, they don’t want cum in mouth, etc. Many of the providers with the rules still charge the $300 or more per hour donations. I’m sorry, it must be wonderful to make that much money for doing nothing in the hour. Yes, I am from the old school and I work my ass off in all of my appointments. I realize not everyone swallows but at the very least allow cum in mouth and spit out. Yes, I am a bit different in that I love my protein shakes. Granted. I realize I am not gorgeous but I deserve my 8’s or 9’s in performance grades. The gorgeous models/spinners get a pass because of how they look.
  4. Escorts that don’t restrict their pets while entertaining clients. I read constantly in reviews about dogs and cats being on the bed during the visit or the dogs jumping up on the gentlemen as he is fucking the escort, incessant barking, and some dogs even biting the gentlemen during the visit. All of my regular readers know how much I love animals and I’m the first to fight for their rights and I have a dog and cat in my home. But NEVER are they in my bedroom during an appointment. I have had some gentlemen in my reviews say that “she had a couple of well behaved pets downstairs” but never a mention of them being present during my appointments. My dog Belle is well trained. At most she may bark initially when a gentlemen comes in but it lasts a moment and it is over when he and I walk up the stairs to my bedroom.
  5. Escorts that cancel appointments or are late for their appointments. It is just another way of being very unprofessional. I have made mistakes on scheduling but not often and for the most part I am great with communication with my clients. I do log all of my appointments on my Gmail calendar and manage them much better so as to not double book. If I set an appointment for 9am, the client Is allowed inside my place at 9am. I don’t leave men waiting. If the gentlemen gets there early for the appointment, he sometimes has to wait until his appointment time strictly because I may be showering, cleaning up and readying my bedroom for his visit.
  6. Escorts that don’t return phone calls or emails. I didn’t include text in this because texting really is reserved for verified/screened clients only. I prefer to hear a gentlemen’s voice or receive an email. Yes, I have heard of many escorts not returning phone calls or emails. I always try to timely return the messages whether in a phone call or email or if the gentlemen expresses a preference. If it is a verified gentlemen or regular that is texting me, I always return the text. It usually would be same day except when a client calls me, texts me or emails me after I have finished working for my day. After all, we are all allowed our time off, aren’t we? I do sometimes get back to gentlemen in the evening regarding their screenings to set appointments for the following day. But I do want gentlemen to understand that sometimes even I do have a life outside of being Wild Anita.
  7. Escorts that don’t practice good hygiene. Every so often I’ll read in reviews about escorts that “smell down under” or have bad breath and just turn the gentlemen off and yes, I scratch my head. It’s so simple, shower, gargle and brush teethe between each client. As my mother would say “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”
  8. Escorts that have their place smell like smoke or are smoking in session. This is normally not acceptable as so many gentlemen non-smokers do not want the smoke smell on their person or clothing. It would be tough to explain to the wife, wouldn't it? There are men with smoking fetishes and want the provider to smoke but that is the only time it is acceptable.  I don't smoke myself and I know from being around others that do smoke how awful that smell is and yes, I always feel like washing my clothes, taking a shower and washing my hair afterwards. 
  9. Escorts that don’t want a man to give them an orgasm. I noticed a provider on Twitter saying to gentlemen in a Tweet to not make it a priority to get her off, that it wasn’t important as a part of the appointment. What she misses by saying this is that in my experience and with the gentleman that visit me, the many mature regulars I am thinking of, so many gentlemen get enjoyment and get excited by getting the woman to orgasm. I have gentlemen asking me to do a 69 or DATY while I pleasure them too. They so badly want me to have as many orgasms as possible. It gets THEM off to get ME off. It’s a TRIGGER. Yes, as a part of the business I do get men that only want themselves pleasured. This wild tigress does her best to make that happen. If a gentlemen has a trigger and that mutual two way street is important to them, this wild tigress LOVES the passion and two way street too.
  10. Escorts that don’t kiss or deep french kiss. I briefly mentioned this earlier but it deserves it’s own paragraph. Many men prefer the GFE or girl friend experience appointment.  There is no reason for escorts to not do this because it builds a passionate connection with the client and makes that gentlemen want to return and be a “regular”. I don’t have a 100% conversion on getting men to return to see me but I definitely have about a 80% conversion. 20% of the men that do not get me and won’t return are the spinner lovers, those that like the athletic bodies or like more youthful thin women. To be honest, since I have this website and the blog, I have a lot less unhappy new clients as most if they have done their homework and saw the pictures that are not photoshopped, and read my blog, know that I am a fleshier small BBW with saggy tits and a belly. There is no surprises when the front door of my place opens and they walk in to me waiting there to greet them.
  11. Escorts that upsell during their appointments. To do this comes off as rude. Really the donations should be clarified before the appointment, not during. I have it simpler as I have a website Rates page so there isn't many surprises. I do sometimes have to clarify why the prostate massage is lumped in with the light bdsm package and really it is mainly because of whatever cleanup is involved. I simply say that the prostate massage is +$30 and it was easier to group it with the other fetish light BDSM package since it is all +$30 over the GFE package. 

In conclusion, the above irritations are not an exhaustive list but each of those mentioned are things that bother me and they are definitely not the way that this wild tigress conducts her business.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,