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Ask Anita - What are the freakiest things some clients have asked of you?

Well, gents, it has happened a few times that clients want me to be "dirty" for them, not showered after previous client, or they want a client to cream pie me and they slide in after to "clean" me up. Overall, I refuse this request as I can't possibly be dirty for clients. It just disgusts me and anyone that is a regular of mine knows I cater to the pussy eaters/lickers but I am particular, I do not want my reputation for cleanliness smudged at all. I live by the code that I give my clients, please be freshly showered with minty fresh breath (or go ahead and use my shower to get fresh and clean, I understand clients come to see me from work). 

Another freaky request, the clients that want me to do brown showers for them (or on them) or just do my business and NOT clean up and allow them to rim me after. Overall I am fetish friendly but the dirty stuff or not cleaning up and showering after certain things, well, that is NOT going to happen. I do my fair share of Golden Showers on men, either peeing on them or peeing in their mouths. Obviously this is part of the fetish session that is $160 hour.

I have had men Golden shower on me but to be honest, it has to be more controlled before i agree to it. I do not want men peeing in my hair earlier in the day when I have clients coming throughout the day as that is more clean up than what I look to do. If it was my last client, then it isn't an issue. 

I do allow my fair share of facials, or allowing men to cum on certain parts of my body though my preference is always going to be the swallowing/protein shake. But I do know men have their fantasies and they are paying me so I obviously do allow them to pick locations within reason. 

I have had men ask for me to save my "filled" condoms for them to pick up after my day and they'd pay me for them. It has come up a couple of times and mainly it's because some men have a taste for cum (of course, that I understand) but I have NEVER agreed to it. I do know my clients depend on me to be discreet in all ways so I wouldn't want their DNA being taken away (for whatever reason). To be honest, since I have a tendency to swallow cum anyway, I don't have too many filled condoms but it is the principal and I do have principals (I am not driven for the almighty dollar as some providers are..). 

I still have some gentlemen that visit me that like me to provide them my "dirty" or worn underwear to take with so they can smell me. I have given a couple away but the gents always reimburse me for the pair that they take. I sometimes have men want to put them on and wear them in session with me. Again, part of my $160 hour fetish session. 

Overall that is about the most common freaky things that come up for me. It really shows that there are different turn ons for different gents. I don't judge the men that come to see me but obviously within reason I try to give their fantasies. Just sometimes, it can't happen (me being unclean for them).

I have had my fair share of gentlemen come see me, not wash down there or shower before and still want me to rim them. One guy had the nerve to give me a lousy review afterwards as I was "not at all into it"...well, I wasn't about to go down there and lick his poopy ass, so BITE me. Yeah, that was you, Hooty. 

Hugs, kisses, licks from your voraciously hungry tigress,