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Ask Anita - What are the erogenous zones on both the female and male body?

I love having a female body full of erogenous zones. I consider our bodies a pleasure factory of fun. I think if gentlemen just think their penis is the only erogenous zone, well, they are very limited in their thinking. So I like these kinds of questions let's us delve into what makes men and women tick. I sometimes test the waters with the men as so many just lay there and let me be such a naughty woman to them and they hardly touch me. Some men do rise to the occasion of the stimulation and want to reciprocate. Others, just don't want the two way street. Those are the blow and go types. They are the same ones that really only want my experience and my gifted mouth and tongue but really want the body of the young ladies. So let's start with the female body and we'll talk about the male body after this. The following are the erogenous zones for women: 

1. Clitoris: yes, concentrating on licking and sucking this along with fingering the vagina (please make sure you have trimmed nails when delving in, and), yes, it can lead to combustion, the big O for the woman. 

2. Vagina: so many don't believe in the G-Spot but so many nerve endings inside the vagina which is why fingers working the inside (adding some lube helps) along with suction to the clit makes a woman's orgasm so much more intense. 

3. Cervix: Located at the lower end of the uterus, it has its own feel good pathways. Nerves in the cervix respond to pressure stimulation but a light touch elicits responses as well. 

4. The lips and the mouth: so important to the stimulation towards orgasm, deep french kissing and licking and alternating with soft kisses, well, the combo can send this vixen Wild Anita into extasy, bring it ON!

5. Neck: the neck and nape of neck, well, soft sensual kisses up and down this area, I'm already glowing and ready to hump the keyboard.

6. Breasts and nipples: Yes, for this tigress and many, licking and sucking the nipples and light kisses on the breasts, well, I am ready to drag you down with me. The sensations that flow from my nipples go down right to my clitoral and vaginal area. Yes, I have powerful O's from these stimulations. 

7. Ears: yes, with the large amount of nerve endings, licking and sucking on my earlobes and licking my ears, well, there is very few things along with what was mentioned above, well, I don't squirt but it adds to my lubrication and those that do all of the above along with ears the right way, well its called cataclysmic eruption. 

8. Underarm: Well, I can only speak for myself that licking that area is another spot full of nerve endings that many men do miss. 

9. Inner thigh:  Yes, also full of nerve endings, when a gentlemen moves up and down between dining at the Y and goes down further to the inner thigh, definitely an area of pleasure has been found. 

10. Lower Back: a partner massaging the lower back will relax a woman and make sex that much more pleasurable. I always offer a message along with a naked body to body clinch to a gentlemen but I am always pleased when they return the favor. 

11. Inside of knees and ankles: Those areas highten arousal when they are licked and sucked on by a gentlemen. I think sometimes men just stop at the clitoris and vagina and rarely go down the legs but it is so important in "making love" to just worship the entire body.

Now, the erogenous zones for the gentlemen: 

1. Penis: Bingo, of course this is an erogenous zone. Skippy always rises to the occasion for this Wild Anita. With all the sensitivities there, the nerve endings response so well to the amount of licking and sucking up and down the shaft. I usually let the gentlemen's response of "yeah, suck me" or "find a common and fuck me" to give me a hint as to how he wants the appointment to go. 

2. Mouth and Lips: Again, similar to the women with the nerve endings but alternating back and forth with licking and light kisses and passionate deep french kissing, well, many men admit that without the kissing, it seems almost robotic and just stilted. Kissing so important to the stimulation.

3. Scrotum: Again, an important part of the puzzle on getting the man to blow sky high, well, working the twins with sucking and licking and alternating with shaft work up the penis. I use this method in edging the man closer and then pulling away. Yes, I am devious that way and you can't stop me, ah ha!

4. Neck: not as sensitive as the woman's neck but it still pretty high up for erogenous zones. I turn a man on his stomach as a part of my body to body back massage and lick and suck the back of the neck as I work downward. 

5. Nipples: Now some men consider nipples a hot spot that works directly when sucked and light kisses/nibbles, gets skippy to rise up to the occasion. Other men shake their head no and ask me not to bother in that area. So I guess it really isn't a must place but I always ask and lick and suck the nipples initially as I work my way down.  

6. Perineum (area between anus and scrotum): also sensitve with many nerve endings, my freshly showered gents love me worshipping that area with my mouth and tongue as I bo back and forth between that area to the balls and up the shaft to the tip and well, boom!

7. Ears: I always lick and nibble a bit at the men's ear area but some men don't get a real turn on and others, it is a way of making them go absolutely crazy when I lick and suck an ear. 

8. Inner Thighs: Yes, leading down with mouth and tongue to balls to the perineum area to the inner thigh and back up, when I do this, I can tell the gentlemen is surprised of my knowledge at biology. Don't forget I am a student of the human body.

9. Lower Abdomen, belt area: yes, leading up Skippy and head play, well, it isn't hard then to lead up to the lower abdomen and belt area with my lips and tongue.  

10. Sacrum: It is a small triangle at the end of his spinal cord, right above the butt. With light touching and then light kisses, lips down it, well, a gentlemen has been known to be a bit startled at how wonderful that feels. 

11. Back of the knees: again, another area that has plenty of nerve endings that can send a gentlemen into euphoria when licked and sucked. 

12. Crease between upper thigh and butt: Yes, a very sensitive area and the man doesn't realize even that he has that but I have him on all fours by this point as I work up that area with my mouth and lips and tongue, eventually I get to what I will talk of next. 

13. The Anus, the P-Spot. Yes, gentlemen, this area in the anal cavity, well so many men have varying opinions on it. Some say "ABS0LUTELY NOT" and others say, "Oh yes, please"! So when I rim in the anal area initially (of course I always ask if you have recently showered as no, I won't worship this area without cleanliness), there are some that graduate from rimming, to fingering (yes with lots of lube) to the prostate massage with thin toy (yes, lots of lube again) and then maybe strapon play (yes, again lube. I have to perpetually go to the store all the time for that stuff). I have many believers in that P-Spot but there is no pressure from this tigress as I only want what's pleasurable for YOU.

So what happens when we work the body is that we start and go top down with total body worship so we hit all of the erogenous zones we can, flipping from back to stomach. For those gentlemen that love the two way street, well, they work on me, I work on them, it becomes quite the bedroom frolic where O's are had by all. I am hoping I wake up those sleeping gentlemen that are just polarly focused only on the cock, ball and anal area. There is so much of the body to explore, gentlemen. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,