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Ask Anita - What are the biggest turnoff or turnoffs to you in this business?

Gentlemen that show up and expect me to rim them (otherwise known as "dining at the O") when they haven't showered or cleaned up "down south". I realize that this whole business is a two way street and I am always freshly showered with minty fresh breath for my gentlemen clients. Even if they say they want us to shower together at the beginning of the date, I have already showered prior to them arriving at my place. I always have just a hint of fragrance on my neck (I'm not overpowering with perfume). In addition, I always will offer my shower for afterwards (to remove all scents off) before the gentlemen clients head home or back to work. No one wants the smell of perfume or pussy to be carried back home or around those you work with.  

Another turnoff is sweaty beards and balls. The third biggest turnoff will be the taste/smell of cigarettes (or onions/garlic) on their breath. I will say it again, those that want intimacy with me will get the best service if they either shower before or use my shower when they arrive to see me. The solution to the smokers and those that love eating onions and garlic and lunch, gargling with mouthwash, brushing their teeth and popping a mint ahead of our meeting. In my Master bath area, I always have mouthwash available for use both before and after our meetings. So don't be shy, ask to freshen up in the shower and use my mouthwash. 

For turnoffs not related to hygiene: 1) lowballing my donations, 2) The ones that call or text "Are you available?" to me acting like I will just give them my address to come over, 3) those gentlemen providing me pictures of their genitalia, and/or 4) those gentlemen wanting to sex chat via telephone or sexting. 

I had a new gentlemen client tell me today that he felt so much more comfortable coming to see someone that "had a process" to meeting them. I didn't make it easy and it reinforced the legitimacy of my being "real" and not being an "easily arrested" escort provider.

My phone will never be confiscated if I make it difficult for me to be seen. Law enforcement will move onto easier to apprehend escort providers. Remember that those in law enforcement will never ask for screening/verification information from you, they will just give you a time and address to meet them at. Those of us escort providers that have websites and multiple advertisements in different locations (I have advertisements in EROS, Slixa, P411, RS-AVS, Listcrawler/Escort Babylon, as well as on social media Twitter and Switter) give us legitimacy.  

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,