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Ask Anita - What are some of your favorite intercourse positions?

Good evening, gentlemen! I know some of you were waiting for this blog after I wrote a little teaser for it in the last Anita Diaries. I don’t really have one favorite position but many. For me, intercourse isn’t as often as one might think as many of my “regulars” gentlemen are seniors and more oral clientele. There is nothing wrong with that as anyone that knows me well knows I love the gentlemen that come to see me to dine at the Y. There is much to do with oral, especially for those passionate deep French kissers. As you all know, I have two sets of lips to kiss and a long body in between including my perky breasts with the long nips that men always comment about with me. But I digress so back to the subject at hand regarding my favorite sex positions:

  1. The modified missionary - The gentlemen is standing at the side of the bed and a pillow under my butt and he holds my legs almost over his shoulders and he thrusts downward into my tight pussy. What makes this great is gentlemen that love eating pussy can start out dining at the Y since my pussy is already boosted up and on display. Then once my little dick is ready for grinding, the gentlemen can start thrusting downward with my legs over his shoulders. Another plus is that I can play with Cleo the clit at the same time as he is thrusting downward. I do work my Kegel muscles with every thrust with all positions.
  2. The T position - Basically the gentlemen turns himself to the width of the bed and a hardened hot Skippy thrusts into me with my legs over his hips. He can get the best angle this way and depth of penetration is just wonderful. It is also a very comfortable and lazy position for me. It also allows me to play with my clit at the same time.
  3. The missionary position - It can be done traditional or with a pillow under my butt and again Cleo on display for the gentlemen to lick and suck and then he can slide in when Penelope the pussy is ready for entry. The best thing about this position is those that love passionate kissing, well, we can continue to passionately kiss with every thrust. I tighten my pussy with Kegels as he thrusts deep. Yes, for being a mature age 51, my vaginal canal is pretty narrow. For those strong guys, lifting the woman up under her butt and with her legs over your shoulder does give the gentlemen still some deep penetration action.
  4. The chair position or reverse chair position - Basically the gentlemen is either sitting in a chair or at the edge of the bed and I am either facing him and sitting on him with legs on either side of him as I am sliding down his hot pole or I am facing away from him but sitting down on his hot pole. The facing away and sitting down onto him works well because he plays with my tittles and I play with my clit as he keeps penetrating me. I lean down and rub his balls as well. 
  5. The doggie and modified doggie - Depending on height differences, sometimes doggie works great and sometimes not. I love the deep penetration that it gives and it allows me to play with my clit and the gentlemen’s balls at the same time. I never suggest this position first as the gentlemen usually climax in this position and I really enjoy multiple positions before the final climax. I sometimes lie down flat on the bed (facing down) and close my legs tight and the gentlemen continues to penetrate me there with his thrusts. This is the position that tightens the vaginal walls even further and gives the gentlemen that tight virgin feeling. The doggie works well for me because I love my butt cheeks being squeezed so I always beg for the gentlemen to do that. Another way of doing doggie is with me standing on the floor and bending either towards the bed with my hands supporting me there or my hands against the wall with him behind me. Think one of your favorite shower scenes where the woman is being thrust into from behind with her hands against the glass. I always wished I was that woman! Being kind of tall at 5’7” can make this a difficult position to maneuver in the shower.
  6. Spooning position - I love being woken up to hot sex in bed and what better way than my partner going down on me to wake up Penelope the pussy and Cleo the Clit and then he slides into me from behind in that wonderful spoon position. It’s difficult to get deep with this position so he plays with me clit or my tItties at the same time as he is thrusting. I love my butt being squeezed so him taking his time and squeezing my butt, ooh la la!
  7. Cowgirl and/or reverse cowgirl - I’ll be brutally honest, the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl position can never get Skippy deep enough inside me to get me off. I do my best to give the gentlemen a great view and some deep french kisses while I am facing him and riding his cock. I know the gentlemen love it because of the jiggly breasts over them or when I am doing reverse cowgirl, his grabbing my ass and loving his view.  But it probably is my least favorite position because of the lack of depth and I can’t play with my clit as well with that position. I do try to grind a bit against his balls but I do know that rarely does the gentlemen or myself climax in this position, we usually do switch to a couple of different positions after that. 

Ultimately I always tell the gentlemen to save his cum for my mouth since I love my protein shakes and I do know that gentlemen really don’t like coming in condoms. I do forgive if they cum in condoms as well, the heat of the moment, sometimes it is hard to hold back. All I know is that as I have typed this blog up, I really was wishing I could have acted these positions out with a gentlemen at the same time. It’s lucky that I have such a great imagination! It’s what makes me great at role plays too!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,