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Ask Anita - What are men's health benefits of having an orgasm?

Well, I love this kind of topic. To be honest with you, since I have been in the oldest profession since spring 2014, my health has been better! I have lost weight (roughly 60 pounds) and though I have another 50 pounds to go, the high protein aspect of my diet has made a huge difference. Yes, gentlemen, your protein shakes have helped this wild tigress immensely. I thank you all for your generosities, in more ways than one. But I do digress as I have covered the topic of semen's health benefits in a prior blog so I won't keep going on that subject.

What we cover here is the health benefits of men having orgasms. There are quite a few notable health benefits that my wonderfully HOT gentlemen that come to see me will be happy about as well as any gentlemen that are regularly involved in the "hobby". I want to encourage all those fence sitters to jump off that ledge and know that you will be more healthy by regularly orgasming versus suppressing that urge. Who are you trying to punish, gentlemen? Yourselves? All of you do deserve to have your momentary fun and then you can go home to your happy home and keep it happy. Heck, you might live a lot longer too and enjoy your kids growing up and your grandchildren's lives and beyond. So the following list are noted health benefits to having sex regularly or orgasms: 

1. More sex, less stress! Yes, more sex decreases stress according to research published in the "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America."  This wild tigress has noted that the gentlemen that visit me usually do look significantly more relaxed after "cumming" than before. Heck, I love conducting these scientific studies! I am all IN!

2. More sex, better heart health! According to research published in "The American Journal of Cardiology", men who orgasm once a month or less were 45 percent more likely to have a stroke or contract a cardiovascular disease than those who had sex more than twice a week. 

3. More sex can prevent prostate cancer. Have sex every day (or nearly every day) and your risk of developing prostate cancer will drop by 33 percent, according to 10-year follow-up of a Harvard study from 2004. This wild tigress even does prostate massages to further benefit you, he he!

4. Sex boosts your immune system. A study published in the journal "Neuroimmunomodulation" actually did find that orgasms can activate parts of our immune ststem that help us get over colds faster. 

5. Sex may make you more youthful! Dr. David Weeks, a British clinical psychologist, spent 10 years questioning thousands of men and women between the ages 40 and 50 on their sexual practices as time went on. The ones who looked the youngest after a decade reported having sex three times a week as opposed to their not-so-youthful counterparts who had sex two times a week. Obviously all of you pipe in if you are having sex four or five times a week! This wild tigress has the fountain of youth as my energy level is like that of a thirty year old!

6. More orgasms help you sleep more and better! Yes, all of the gentlemen that visit me, well, need I say that they look extremely tired after I get done with them! Many comment they can use a nap. Poor gentlemen, I guess they didn't realize that tangling with a 51 year old wild tigress, well, it can be a lot for any gentlemen to handle. 

7. More sex, live longer! A Duke University study kept tabs on 252 people over the span of 25 years and concluded that frequency of sex was a major predictor of longevity. Gentlemen, I do have many gentlemen that come to see me in their 70's and 80's so they must be big believers of this or they wouldn't still be in the hobby. I have a gentlemen that saw me in the summer of 2015 and he was age 82 then. I thought something must have happened to him because i didn't hear from him at all last summer (summer of 2016) but I just heard from him and he is visiting me for an hour appointment tomorrow. That makes him age 84! 

8. A rise in boners! Yes, this wild tigress LOVES boners because it keeps me busy, he he! Actually studies have shown the more sex, the better your sexual health. According to a 2008 study published in "The American Journal of Medicine", men aged 55-75 who had sex less than once per week had twice the incidence of erectile dysfunction as men who have sex once a week (there were 79 cases of ED per 1,000 compared to 32 cases of ED per 1,000).

So let's keep those boners showing up at Wild Anita's doorstep, eh, gentlemen?  I am perfectly willing to work myself to the "bone" to keep my gentlemen happy, less stressed, and more healthy with a longer life! 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,