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Ask Anita - So as you are ending your one week from Backpage being shut down, what has your week been like?

So far, so good, everyone. I know everyone expects the business to slow down dramatically but it has been a surprisingly good week for business. Thank you again to those wonderful regulars of mine and the wonderful new fence fallers that have joined me at my place last and this weeks.

I have noticed many of the “time waster” gentlemen of Backpage having migrated to EROS and the problem with them is they don’t want to lightly screen at all. They also like to lowball. I will tell you that they will get a RUDE awakening as the escort providers on EROS page are classy and they all require some form of screening. They also don’t take to gentlemen lowballing them.

So anyone feeling the urge to see if a $400 an hour girl will take $300 off of her donations to suck a gentlemen for 15 minutes, well, he will have to tuck his sausage back in his pants and slither away. What escort providers charge is non-negotiable. We are not in foreign or third world countries where bartering is common. Do I think that SESTA passage will cause some of the higher end escort providers to reduce donations? It is possible but I have to reserve judgement on this one as it is still too early to predict since we haven’t seen any lawsuit actions in the courts yet.

I know I can’t reduce my donations as I am already more than reasonable. I am likely to have to edge upward slightly on donations ($20 more per hour) by July due to the increasing advertising costs and other bills. I do have a son heading into graduate school in August and I am sure many of you know what high costs of paying for college and graduate school is like. 

For the most part, the last few weeks I have had an increase of gentlemen wanting to be verified via appointment requests, emails or texts for future times, not necessarily this week but when they are in town or in Schaumburg on business. I think many gentlemen are understanding the dangers that escort providers will face base on SESTA’s passage and are trying to do their part in not being “part of the problem”.  According to a few escorts that have posted on Twitter, there are three escort providers that either are missing or have been found dead since Backpage was shut down last Friday, April 6th. One is missing, one committed suicide and one was found murdered.

The two either missing or found murdered were forced to go back on the streets to find “Johns” for business as they couldn’t afford the advertising costs of EROS, Slixa and other online advertisers. Yes, the reality is starting to happen. Many of those Backpage girls could not afford to pay for additional advertising costs, basically living on the money from “John” to “John”. The slowdown of their business based on Backpage’s closure is deadly for them. Many serial rapists/killers will be out and taking advantage of the opportunity to find their “prey” among those girls on the streets.

Oh, and did you notice the charges to the seven Backpage creators? They have been indicted on facilitating prostitution, conspiracy and money laundering-related charges. Yes, that’s right, no charges for “Sex Trafficking” which is what SESTA supposedly was passed to stop. Sex trafficking is found on the “Dark Web”, not on the regular internet. What I really want to see is a fantastic voter turnout in November to get these old geezer (and old ladies as well) incumbents out of office. We need those voted into office that can provide fresh new ideas and not be on the payroll of special interests groups.

For those gentlemen clientele out there, please look to make it easier for these escort providers to remain safe and be understanding when they ask to verify/screen you. The oldest profession will not die but there are many escorts that could die because of SESTA’s passage. I have a heart and it aches for those girls with their backs to the wall due to Backpage’s shutdown. I worked tirelessly since November 2016 on my website (which is anonymously web-hosted in Amsterdam in the Netherlands) and I have advertised on other websites besides Backpage for the last year. I knew what would happen before it happened so when the bottom fell out, it wouldn’t devastate my business. So don’t worry for me only, worry also for all of those girls impacted by Backpage’s shutdown and forced out into the streets to find “Johns”. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,