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Ask Anita - Regarding your former friend and you: Is there always drama in this business? It makes me concerned about being in the hobby.

I would love to say, no, there is no drama normally but I'd be a liar. If any of you can tell after having read my blog from December 2016 to current, I can't lie to you. I have to be up front and honest and show you all that there are good people in this business. That there are honest and trustworthy escort companions that you can choose from. When I first started in this business back in 2014, I wanted to be the one to change how the escort companion business is looked at. Yes, I can be both smart and very sexy. I can be someone you can trust with your business and also provide the discretion that you need. 

It has been a tough couple of days. Maybe I was fooling myself before I left on vacation. Maybe I thought that somehow my former best friend and I would be able to mend prior fences and be friends again. Unfortunately, I was wrong and I have a bit of sadness left that is kind of creating a meloncholy week for me.

I looked on Escort Babylon's comments area!/chicago/comments/8472542171/19928759/1 for me and of course, someone thinks I haven't aged well and look likes a pig. Then I looked on Amy's and someone is really going to town on her comment area. In both cases, not complimentary but I seem to get the feeling that I am being blamed for hers, like they think I am writing all of that. I do not have that bad of grammar and spelling. My sentence structure looks a hell of a lot better than anything that person is writing. So, no it is not me doing that.

Is there anything I can do to get all that to stop, no? But I won't be believed by the other camp that seems to think that I am being the drama seeker.  All I am is the onlooker there. I get the feeling all that is going on over there is a setup to make me look bad.  My business is even slow this week. I wish I had the karma that was last week but now it appears that I have no attraction to anyone. I get requests but they disappear when I ask for a couple of items to verify that they are safe. I am not asking for a lot but I think everyone blows it up to being more than it is. Gentlemen need to remember what a dangerous business it is. An escort companion's risk (it could be their life) is huge.

Are there escort companion's out there that are no drama and trustworthy? Yes, there are. But here is the clue, always seek the mature escort companions that do not have drug and alcohol dependencies. In a blink of an eye, when someone gets addicted to substances, all the sudden they lie and try to cover up everything. The pattern: they keep running out of money as their dependencies make them blow through their profits quickly. Then they start asking to borrow money from friends and then sometimes from their "regular" clients. That's when if they can't find anyone to help them, they get desperate. That's where "extortions" become more common. I have had a couple of gentlemen tell me in the last week why they are reluctant to verify/screen with me. In both instances, these gentlemen have been victims of escort companions trying to extort money from them or otherwise blackmailing them for more money. That, coupled with the prior stories of escort companions taking money and running and not performing the services that were promised, well, it's no wonder those of us that are honest pay the price. That's why I am grateful when I do get some gentlemen to "fall off that fence."

So back to the original question, yes, I do understand why this gentleman has concerns about being a hobbyist. I would love to be able to use a magic wand and change everything about it to being plenty of trustworthy and honest escort companions but I can't. I can only make you think and wonder the following: Well, Anita seems honest, trustworthy and no drama so maybe there is hope that there are plenty of others that are that way in the business. I have even  been accused of generalizing on both African American's and the younger "Millenial" generation and perhaps you are all right. So let's end with this thought: There are good and bad in all groups of people and we can't change or control that. We can only control ourselves and continuing to be better people. In some small way, we can be the change. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,