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Ask Anita - Last week you shared men’s sexual fantasies. What about women’s sexual fantasies?

Well, gentlemen, I thought you all would never ask. I had to poll a few women as well as come up with maybe a few of my own sexual fantasies to give you all a list. Some I agree with, a few I do not. Hopefully this list of women’s sexual fantasies will get those home fires burning in your loins!

  1. Sex with a stranger -  Well, that is my business after all! I have that happen a lot as Wild Anita, the escort. Back when I was in my 30’s before I was in the escort business, I did experiment with a extramarital affair with a stranger I met at a mixer. Yes, the wild animalistic sex was quite scintillating. Me back then in my 30’s was a sexually frustrated married lady, totally excited to get the lascivious attention from a middle age gentlemen. It took us two seconds to tear the clothes off of each other. The memory of it is a gem!
  2. Being dominant in bed - It’s almost like these women are just like Wild Anita! I get to experience being dominant to a gentlemen on a daily basis with my repertoire of choices in my light BDSM sessions. I do have to say that being dominant wasn’t really on my list back when I was in my 30’s.  I do understand why some women entertain these dominant thoughts. I think if they have a rather dominant husband, maybe they dream of wanting the opposite?
  3. Being submissive in bed - yes, this was me back in my 30’s. I wanted a man to dominate me and teach me everything I was missing in my bland dreary no sex married life. I sought and found the perfect man in his early 50’s to teach me and guide me. He taught me so many things that this tigress has in her arsenal today. I still have a lot of the wild thoughts due to what I learned from him. But no, I am truly enjoying being dominate these days but I have him to thank for giving me quite the sexual education back in my 30’s.
  4. Exhibitionism - Yes, who doesn’t want to be watched? I love being watched laying there naked playing with myself? I was in a couples swap of partners back in my 30’s and totally loved being desired as a naked nympho by two men. To have a gentleman watching me naked being taken wildly by another man? It made me a lot more self assured when I took my clothes off. Sometimes I would take my clothes off in front of an open window hoping that a gentlemen in the house across the street was both watching and wanting.
  5. Being sexually ravaged or the “rape fantasy” - Yes, I had a few of those kinds of fantasies in my teens, 20’s and 30’s. I so wanted a real man in my life to take charge and heck, take me. But AGAIN, no means no and having had a real rape happen to me, I so do don’t want to make this something a man looks to achieve for a woman (unless it is a role play and a safe word is shared and he stops if she wants him to). 
  6. Enjoying a threesome (either being adored by two men or a man and a woman) - Yes, I have experienced this when I was in my 30’s (before I was an escort) so I do know that this is definitely a hot button. Having two men worship my body and just get me to cum over and over again. I have to admit the couple fantasy isn’t one that I share,  Although this wild tigress get’s it on with Sexyass Jackie in our doubles sessions, I didn’t have that interest of wanting a woman back in my 30’s. I did go down on a woman back then and she to me but it wasn’t that exciting. Even back then I was cock driven and loved fucking.  I did have that insatiable appetite that I have today.
  7. Having sex in a public place - I have never had sex in a bathroom or on a airplane. I think it has crossed my mind as a hot possibility back in the day. I have had sex in vehicles, not as Wild Anita but back in my 30’s. No I don’t do public sex as Wild Anita because it is high risk behavior and I don’t do anything that will risk me getting arrested. Yes, I know there are car dates that I get asked about but no, I am 51 years old and I love my king size bed. Much happier in a bed at this stage in the game. Yes, I had sex in a tent this year but for the most part, I don’t necessarily want an audience of strangers now. I think men are more into this than women, hence I know I mentioned it as on their list of fantasies last week.
  8. Performing oral sex on a man - Hmmm, yes, I remember back in the day wondering what that was like. Little did I know I would have such a talent for it today. I thought about it back when I was younger in my 20’s and 30’s. Remember, I was the sheltered girl, raised Roman Catholic, attended Catholic School and yes, I waited for sex until my wedding night. So all of those pent up feelings, wanting to perform oral, well, that all came out after having a very unsatisfactory sex life as a married lady. These days I definitely would advise those unmarried couples to wait to get married and have plenty of sexual experience before they do. 
  9. Swinging and/or group sex - yes, I definitely had a yearning to do this back in my 20’s and 30’s. The closest I came was a couples swap but my friend SexyAss Jackie has suggested I join her at one of the group sex/swinging parties that she attends. I’ll be honest, back in my 20’s and 30’s, I would have been all in for it. Now, I am age 51 and I have lots of sex during the week so going to a swinger’s party on Saturday night isn’t at the top of my list. I sometimes need to rest and I do that on my days or nights off.
  10. Sex with a much younger man - Hmmm, no, that has never been a wish or a fantasy of mine, even when I was in my 30’s. I just have always been turned on by older mature men. The young guys get offended and ask about my age limit being age 35 and up and I honestly tell them that I am not attracted to the younger set of men. The mature men are the best lovers and they totally get the mutual two way street of bedroom fun. There are some men in their late 30’s that I have met with that are great lovers but for the most part, the guys in their late 40’s through 80’s beat the heck out of the young men.

Well, the above isn’t an exhaustive list of women’s sexual fantasies but they are the most common that come up. Now, this wild tigress needs to calm herself down and head to bed for sleep purposes!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,