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Ask Anita - Isn't having a Twitter Account enough? Why do I have to verify with you via your screening?

Everyday I have to take some deep breaths and count to 100 to keep my sanity as I have a hard time having patience with those that don't understand.

Firstoff, is there any restriction to opening a Twitter account? Do they require you to provide your Drivers License and proof of your employment to join Twitter? Because as far as I can tell, Twitter lets everyone join that signs up and doesn't require any proof that you are you and NOT law enforcement.

Yes, I, as Anita Love, have a Twitter Account. I didn't have to provide proof I am Anita Love as Anita Love is NOT my real name. (Gentlemen, no one faint now that is reading this). So you can provide a fake name and your Twitter handle to join Twitter. So how do I know who you really are? As far as I can tell, any gentlemen that joins Twitter I know nothing about. They could be a paroled rapist or a serial killer. I have no idea who the person is behind the handle.

So yes, I would need to verify/screen you. Joining Twitter is not like joining P411 or RS2K (RS-AVS). I think that's all I need to say on this subject. If you will not let me verify/screen you, I can not see you. And yes, it is a great loss because I have many gentlemen regulars that think I am sexy, fun, talented in oral pursuits, no drama and worth spending time with. 

Hugs and kisses,