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Ask Anita - Is Monogamy dead? Is it possible for one to remain faithful to a spouse?

Well, you might be asking the wrong person as I see mostly married men and yes, obviously the men that see me are fighting a losing battle to remain faithful for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason is that their wife has given up on providing sex. Sometimes it is due to illness and sex hurts them. Sometimes it is due to lack of interest in sex on their part. Sometimes it's the kids are young and lack of time (both partners work). Sometimes a man just likes variety and he can't remain faithful. Sometimes it is due to a lack of oral sex at home. A wife only does missionary sex once a week, two times a month, monthly, your birthday, on your anniversary, whatever.

Anyway, that leaves a man holding "skippy" in one hand and sitting on the proverbial wall trying to figure out if it is worth finding a girlfriend, a friend with benefits or seeking "professional" help (aka Anita and her escort cohorts). In a previous Ask Anita, we did cover the subject of whether to choose a professional or a girlfriend. If you recall, a girlfriend could cause some drama such as contacting a man's wife. I know all of you are imagining a professional could do that too and it is possible. But the likelihood is much less likely than you think. Most of us would not want you as a husband. Face it, us mature professionals have been there, done that and got the T-shirt. Not to say you are the "booby" prize. Most of you have nice cocks and no boobies!

Most of us mature providers are the girlfriend experience without the drama. I wouldn't write a blog every day and keep my website up if I was into drama as it would come back to hurt my business. Who works harder at building my business than me? I work 6:45am-6:30pm Monday through Friday and 12pm-8pm on Saturdays and once I am done with work? I spend an hour or two writing my blog and at least 2 - 4 hours working on screening clients and potential client responses to screenings. I do also contact my regulars back to set appointments as my regulars do get priority. You can add those hours together and then subtract them from 24 hours and figure out how many hours Wild Anita sleeps.

I'm lucky to get 6 hours of sleep at night. I don't have much time to chase men to come see me, I don't contact them at odd hours of days or nights or weekends. I don't ask for extra money (or try to extort money) once they visit me. With Anita, what you see in the pictures is what you get: An average looking mature 51 year old woman (chubby body, big butt, saggy REAL breasts with great nipples, yes, some wrinkles) who loves sex, loves pleasing men and getting pleased in return. My TER reviews (ID 256588) do speak for themselves as many gentlemen leave my private townhouse in Schaumburg very happy. 

So all in all, gentlemen should weigh the pros and cons of what to do carefully before jumping off the wall but understand it is possible to carry on this hobby, keep your secret safe and REMAIN married. The only people that need to know are the parties involved, you and your girlfriend or you and the provider. Do I think it is safer to see a couple of "regular" providers versus going to see a new one every time, YES. I know there are a lot of hobbyists out there that would disagree with me but I think finding a couple of "safe" regular providers that have their head on straight, the providers verify potential clientele regularly (because face it, a lot of noodle head providers in this business and if they don't verify, the provider's phone does get confiscated by the police officer upon arrest), and that they can get comfortable with the two providers, almost like they are "old friends".

I have many regular clients that see both Amy and I or Jackie and I. That way, if one of us is busy, usually they can get in with the other provider. Amy is in a Schaumburg apartment and Jackie works out of a Napervlle hotel. Both are safe providers that have been doing this business for awhile. We do give referrals to each other. We all verify our potential clientele. 

So gentlemen, now for the subject of monogamy. Yes, it is possible to remain monogamous and not cheat. I am not saying the "hobby" is for everyone. Some for religious reasons or just huge guilt will not ever cheat and some will suffer in silence for a very long time before they make that decision to jump off the wall. I want the men that come to see me to totally enjoy their experience without fear so to be honest if a gentlemen even seems skittish at all, I will tell him no to setting up an appointment. I want total erotic abandon, sensual naked body to body, deep french kisses that last for days and lots of mouths and hands everywhere over each other. I want us to be like horny teenagers! Remember how that felt? It's like we can't wait to get our clothes off and jump each others bones. But of course, Anita does slow the pace down so as to make it a no rush experience for my clientele. I lead the gentlemen along and a lot of skippy teasing takes place. At the end, you start begging me! Yes, I can almost smell the protein shake at that point! 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,