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Ask Anita - I've noticed you have lowered your age requirement. Is there any reason?

Well, there are two reasons, one is tied to last night's blog. Because The Erotic Review ("TER") are no longer accepting reviews for U.S. based escorts right now, I don't have to worry about the "youngsters" giving me bad reviews. I had a few of those younger guys say I had a flat rear end, one told me to get to the gym and sure, another said he had to close his eyes and think of another. So at least in that respect, I don't have to worry about their reviews. 

The second reason is that my business has slowed down to a near crawl.  Either it's because men are suddenly afraid because "Big Brother" is now looking over everyone's shoulder or they have just found a "wild filly" somewhere else.

It's okay though, guess I'll have to go back to taking care of myself until the business picks up again. I can't see the worlds oldest profession dying so I am guessing everyone is just running afraid but will get back to it once the hub of Backpage and it's affiliated partners being taken down get's to be old news.  

Remember there are plenty of websites including EROS and Slixa that are hosted offshore and not in the U.S. so it's not like any of the escort companions are running off to become nuns or anything like that. It just requires men to spend more time Googling instead of ogling! (I'm sure the search engines are going nuts).  

Please let us worry less about "big brother" and more about "fucking", "suckling" and "licking" this Mother!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,