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Ask Anita - I saw your Wish List. Is tipping common among gentlemen that visit you? Do you get gifted items off your wishlist often?

Regarding tipping, no, in my experience it isn’t as common to receive tips from clients. I do have some gentlemen regulars that tip when they visit but not all clients tip. Tipping really does help me during lean times like they have been in the last few weeks. Yes, I do get gifts off my wishlist periodically but it seems to go in cyles.

Yesterday, I received two tips, three sets of flowers, two coffees and one bottle of wine. It had been over a week since I have received tips or gifts so again, it happens occasionally and when it does, I do love it! What woman doesn’t like surprises? Yes, there have been times where gentlemen are generous and other times, it is the donation that I asked for. As I said in my FAQ page and on the Wishlist page itself, it says tipping and gifting are never expected but always appreciated. I am grateful and thankful when it does happen.

I think this week it is happening more because my gentlemen clients know that at the end of this week I am having my right knee replacement surgery and they are trying to either give me a good sendoff (so that I’ll return!) or just cheer me up as those reading closely have sensed I have been a bit anxious over all the pre-op stuff.

No worries, gentlemen as I will return. As I said before, I have some great client regulars and my job isn’t as difficult because I screen well and have a pretty high percentage that do return. Not everyone that comes through my doors is pleased with me as one can’t please everyone. Because I am so honest throughout my website, in my blog and pictures, I do get a pretty high percentage of return.

I will say that if the escort seems to be going above and beyond what is expected, and is patient and takes her time, a gentlemen should consider rewarding her with a tip. I realize times are lean and money isn’t always there but consider the fact that she’ll remember you better and work harder to fit you into her schedule the next time.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,