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Ask Anita - I only want oral on me, I really don't want deep french kissing, naked body to body, or dining at the Y, can I still see you?

Well, I really don't know why you chose me, hun? Why would you choose Wild Anita for a simple blow and go? I mean, any provider can do that. I have it all out here in my website rates page, in this blog, and in my TER reviews as to the kind of provider that I am and the services that are included in my sessions. I have said all the way along that I am a different kind of provider than what you'd see anywhere else. I am not greedy, selfish, self-serving or dishonest in any way. I choose who I will meet with.

What, you feel it's the "John" that does the choosing? Yes, they do screen with me but guess what, if I don't think we are a good match, or if anything does not hit me right or if you don't complete the screening form correctly, no, we do not meet. I have to feel safe. I have to feel that we will have a MUTUALLY enjoyable session. I turn down 50% to 60% of business every day of the week because I don't want to sit there just doing one thing all day.

Yes, I enjoy cock sucking but just like anything you do the same all day long, it gets old after awhile. Can you imagine doing the same thing hour after hour in your own job and being happy with that? If you don't have enough variety in your job, I would imagine you'd be ready to move on rather quickly, wouldn't you? 

So regarding the variety in Wild Anita's job, yes, it's the passion that makes the day that much spicier, much more scintillating! I love deep french kissing, naked body to body, I love men sucking my titties (yes, they are natural with big nips), licking my pussy and just all over body adoration. Yes, I lay there and do cock adoration and loving licks all the way up and down skippy and sucking the balls as well. For those that like to be rimmed and are clean for me, I even do that as well. I am the master edger, the tantalizer that leads you to the edge and stops and starts again. Yes, so I do love mutual play or the two way street.

Please understand that SEX is not just for one person. Two people (or more) participate in sex usually. If it's one person, well, usually that's called masturbation. The big thing you need to understand is if you want just oral done to yourself and you even want covered oral, well, maybe your hand is cheaper? Skippy, please meet Mr. Palm.

Passionate erotic coupling is a lot of what happens at my place. Many of my mature gentlemen clientele leave me looking very shaky, like they cannot believe the fun, passion and the cataclysmic boom (or booms) they just had. They almost look like they'd like a ride home and a nap. I have so much fun giving the mature gentlemen their fantasies. If it's a role play, I am more than happy to stay in character for the entire session and make the dream the gentlemen had the other night come true. 

So in full answer to your question, no, I would prefer you choose another provider for what you seek. I would always end an inquiry where I have turned someone down with "Good luck with your search."

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,