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Ask Anita - I noticed you were gone over Easter. Are you religious even though what you do is immoral?

Well, gentlemen, religion is always a tough subject just as politics is. If I say I am a believer in Jesus Christ as the son of God and I am a practicing Christian and I believe in the Cross and all it stands for, all sorts of non-believers, atheists, those of other faiths including Judaism come out and I am willing to bet I will get some private messages over this. But it is a reality, I do believe all of that and for many years I was a regular Sunday church go-er and I always practiced leading by example to my children, I practiced daily what the Bible John 15:12: "This is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you." My sons don't know what I do so when they come back into town as was what happened last week, I do exactly as they saw me do when they were growing up and both sons have grown up to be loving God fearing Christian men and I am thankful for that. 

Now for the question of morality vs. immorality of what I do. In and of itself, prostitution usually involves (especially amongst the younger women, teens and twenty somethings) some form of coercion, someone forcing another to sell their bodies for money. The escorts that have pimps or agencies, those that push the teens and younger women into what is known as "sex trafficking".  Firstly, escorting should be a choice only, as coercion is WRONG. Yes, coercion makes prostitution immoral. I have even done my share to talk younger women out of doing what I do. I believe that they need time to find themselves, get educated, get a college education and graduate, work in other jobs (as I did for 25 years), get married and have families, have a LIFE, before entering this business. This business can really work to break someone's psyche that isn't mature enough to handle it. Well, those of you that love the younger women, well, that doesn't fly with you, I realize that. It takes away the beautiful young spinners that you seek. 

Of course if we look at ALL coercion as wrong, then it would entail that almost all jobs are immoral. After all, everyone who is not the top of the power and economic hierarchy will be coerced into working by those above them and by the very nature of capitalism. If we accept that such coercion is morally acceptable, which is a common view in capitalism, then freely chosen prostitution would be morally acceptable on these grounds. Yes, gentlemen, I freely chose this "career" path. I feel that even though there is a lot said about morality in the bible, this Wild Anita has some great gifts and she shares them with the men she services.  1 Peter 4:10 "Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms."

So yes, I am servicing many gentlemen that are lonely, either in their marriages or just lonely divorced or single men that need that tender loving care, passion and whatever else they are missing in the bedroom. I am filling a void. I give men their fantasies willingly. 

Yes, I do remember Mary Magdalen and I do know there is much in the bible that talks against "living in the flesh".  If all of that were in present day, there are many boyfriends and girlfriends living together, having intercourse before marriage. The times have totally changed, it isn't what it was when Jesus walked the earth. Are all those young people going to hell because they lost their virginity and are sleeping with their significant others before marriage? Exploitation is one of the things that makes prostitution as morally unacceptable. Many young girls are forced to show their naked bodies to men in pictures, and in bedrooms across the world when they don't even have drivers licenses yet. So again, that is coercion, exploitation of those that have not given permission or made the choice themselves. 

Yes, gentlemen, I entered this business with eyes wide open at the age of 48 (I am now age 51) and decided to service mature men (you notice I do what I can to stay away from young men under age 35) for both money and the purpose of providing companionship, friendship and just that extra ear as well as providing what they are missing in their other lives. Many of them might not even stay in their marriages if it weren't for escorts like me.  I give them the outlet they seek. They can then go home to their real lives, their wives and families and there is no drama here.  

Hugs and kisses,