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Ask Anita - I noticed the TER full reviews are gone on your website, what happened?

Huns, in one of the prior posts I did explain that TER has suspended my provider profile 256588 because of posting the VIP details in my reviews. Evidently it is against their policies to allow providers to do this. Translation, it will cost them money in VIP accounts if more and more providers do this. I did notice other providers do this as well but I didn't bring the provider accounts to their attention because that is NOT who I am. I am not a bitchy catty woman with a grudge against any other providers. I do believe another provider that was jealous did report me however. 

I caved because even though TER Admin are not nice to the providers (they only cater to the VIP gentlemen), I do need my provider account to be active because it does have links to my website, P411 and Twitter accounts on the profile and it does have 79 reviews (as of this posting) that prove I am real and not law enforcement. If you look at the bottom of each of these pages, I do have a link to TER that will take you to my TER ID 256588. As of now they have not re-activated my provider account but I expect by Monday, May 15th they will.

If you are not a VIP, you won't be able to read the juicy details but at least you can see that 79 men have seen and reviewed me that were not arrested. I do have access to juicy details myself so if you do want me to email you some juicy's I can do this. I will try to figure out some other way of linking it to my site but right now I just don't have the time. 

Regarding TER, to become a VIP, they do allow you to pay by gift card (Target is a most notable option) versus paying with credit card. I would suggest many of you open your wallet to do this as it is a great way of protecting youselves as you can read the juicy details of every review out there before seeing a provider. This hobby has safety issues as many of you know and the last thing I like to hear is that any of you have been beaten up or robbed or arrested because of it. Another thing is if you write two provider reviews a month, you do get a free VIP account I think for 2 weeks. (It might be 4 weeks by now but I am not sure). Many of you do not want to deal with TER Admin bull-shit so the gift card might be the better option.

I want all of you to be careful but at the same time enjoy the hobby as "Skippy" deserves his attention. Cock time is so important as it de-stresses you! I have already pointed out in other blog postings the good health kickback the "release" gives you. I gladly pour on the attention to all my regulars and newly verified gentlemen. I have had lots of great feedback from gents this week that said they were so glad they took the chance to spend time with me. That makes my day, you know. I do it not only for the passionate attention and money but I make a difference too. I am the wild passionate tigress that many seek. I had many 'O's this week. Well, I digress and I like to wait out more discussions of my week for the "Anita Diaries" segment that I write on Sunday evening. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,