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Ask Anita - I notice you posting that business is slow. What reason would there be for you to be slower this year than last year?

I believe there are many reasons for the business being slower this year than last year, and the reasons are as follows:

1. Backpage has been making it very difficult for escorts to post on their "Dating" advertising pages such as "Women Seeking Men" by only allowing them to post their phone number only and no other identifying information. On that part of Backpage, men can't search for their favorites such as "Anita" or "Mature Anita" because there are no names or identifying words such as Mature in that part of the advertising. Escorts are now posting over on the services part of Backpage under "Massage" and many of the gentlemen have not caught onto that yet.   

2. Because of increased advertising costs on Backpage (another way Backpage is sticking it to the escort providers), many escort providers are having to post ads less times or less bumps to the top so it means gentlemen are not finding them like they did before. I have had several gentlemen that don't realize I have a website complain when they have gotten in touch with me that they have lost my telephone number and wondered if I left the business as they haven't seen my ad hardly at all. For those blog readers of mine, I have posted a list of other websites that escort providers are advertising on now as I really hope they catch onto surfing these other websites as Backpage likely will be shut down within the next year anyway. 

3. Due to economic hardships, many more "mature" women are joining the oldest profession. It's unfortunate that as what has happened to me back in 2013 (being a displaced worker or laid off), many mature women in their age 40s and up are being laid off and desperately trying to make ends meet. A much higher influx of mature escort providers provides competition to escort providers like me. These new escort providers are charging "quick visit" pricings such as fifteen minute rates that undercuts my donations. Back in 2014, I did charge less than I do now but I can't go back to that pricing or I wouldn't be able to pay my bills. I just have to hope that my gentlemen regulars can afford to see me when they can and I add more of those "fence sitters" to my list of newly verified clients.  

4. Economic hardships have also hit the "hobbyists". The ever shrinking middle class is continuing to shrink and less men are participating in the hobby regularly. Some treat themselves to enjoying providers much less often, maybe a six month treat or an annual treat even. The top 2% gentlemen that have lots of money to burn, well, they choose the spinners/cover models that charge $350 and up an hour, not escort providers that charge reasonable donations, such as myself. I can't change how gentlemen hobbyists think as they think by paying more, they get the best. So with less hobbyists participating in the hobby and much more escort providers being added to the business, well, that is less business to be stretched among more providers. 

5. Along with the economic hardships to the "hobbyists" the extension of that is that the gentlemen just don't have the time to "hobby" as they did before. There are less employees where they work, more work for those who remain at work and they can't "escape" for an hour or hours of sensual passionate fun as they used to be able to do. I get the complaint all the time from these "Hard" workers that I need to add night hours for these gentlemen who can't come by to see me during the weekdays. So starting in the month of April, I will be adding back in two days a month hotel days that will allow me to entertain at night two nights a month. Stay tuned by reading this blog and checking my schedule/calendar when I announce the dates for that. I will also send a message through to those gentlemen on my mailing list that will give those hotel days. Those of you that haven't signed up for my email mailing list, please do so if you are willing to see me on those hotel days/nights. 

The above explanations are likely what is causing the slowness in the business. I have had ups and downs and last week the last few days of the week were good so I am not overly worried. I do get hungry for protein though so I might post another "Where are my cocks" message every so often here on my blog to remind you all of my existence. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,