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Ask Anita - I know you do “BBBJCIM”. Have you ever caught an STD from oral? Do you know the statistical chance of catching an STD from oral?

This is a real hot topic and I am glad you brought it up now. I have been doing bareback blow jobs cum in mouth/swallowing (“BBBJCIM”) since March of 2014 when I first became an escort. No, I have NEVER contracted a sexually transmitted disease since I have started being an escort. I do know the chances of catching a sexually transmitted disease from oral sex transmission is miniscule in comparison to catching it through sexual intercourse. I get tested with a full round of testing, all STD’s, every three months and I get tested (swabbed) for the only possible orally passed STD, Gonorrhea, once a month. Chlamydia is tested for at the same time but it is only passed via sexual intercourse. Yes, all negative results since I started working as an escort in March of 2014.

As I have shared with all of you, I do use condoms for intercourse. For those gentlemen uncomfortable with using condoms for intercourse, I suggest that we stick with oral sex play (or "foreplay") for the session. For those that like mutual two way street fun, dining at the table (“DATY”) is welcome in the hour or longer we are together. I also have numerous toys for us to play with! For those GFE lovers, we do a lot of making out, deep French kissing and light French kissing. I don't make men kiss me, I usually ask them at the door when they come in if they like kissing.  

My cleanliness and hygiene ritual so you all know it again (I have shared it in prior blogs): I gargle with hydrogen peroxide and Listerine as well as brush my teeth and tongue between each client. I shower between each client. There isn’t any body part or mouth part not ready for my clientele. What really irritated me this morning was I read on the TER (“The Erotic Review”) Board, one snobby gentlemen said that those escort providers charging $180 or less for their services do not have the cleanliness ritual that those $300 and up escort providers do. That is absolutely hogwash. I am sure that their are escort providers that aren't as regimented as I am regarding cleanliness and hygiene but it has nothing to do with the donation that is charged for the hour. If it makes him feel better to pay astronomical prices for his escorts, that's fine but don't create hysteria based on biased falsehoods. 

So to further back up the claim I made above, I came across this post from an sexual health forum.  The poster is a doctor, H. Hunter Hansfield, M.D., who ran the forum and stated that he had decades of experience with STDs through his clinic.  I do not vouch for his qualifications or the accuracy of his info. Just posting it for this discussion.  He was asked about the risks associated with BBBJs:

"We get frequent questions about STD/HIV risks associated with oral sex.  The consistent answer is that oral sex can be considered safe sex, because of generally low risks for all STDs and zero risk for some. Sometimes this seems to conflict with other advice, perhaps especially in settings where social or religious conservatism influence school based and other education that tend to inflate the risks associated with sex of any kind.  But the fact is that even among the most sexually active people with multiple partners (including sex workers), most have no transmissible oral STDs; and that the vast majority of oral sex events do not lead to any STD.  Accordingly, we almost never recommend STD testing after any single oral sex exposure unless there are symptoms, or sometimes if the partner is known to be infected.  We also generally recommend that people with such exposures can safely continue their normal sexual practices with their regular partners.  While of course there can be no guarantees along these lines, in general the risk is low enough that it shouldn't be a serious worry.”  His full answer includes links to other forum threads where similar topics were discussed.  The forum thread is here:

So for those that want to further investigate the links given in the above discussion I took his comments from, he has links leading to other discussions. You can always Google the subject matter to come up with further information. It’s a hotly talked about topic and I’ll be candid, I don’t scare easily. If I thought I was going to die from swallowing cum, I wouldn’t do it. I am not a dumb woman, I am highly intelligent.

I do think the fact that I limit my clientele to mature men above age 35 and stay away from high risk categories of clientele, those younger men and no African-American or "hood" types has also kept me from STDs exposure.

I will say that for those clientele that want me to cover “Skippy” up, I do covered blowjobs. The client walking through the door “has the floor” (meaning has his choice) regarding what he finds as important for his time with me. As I have only “no Greek Islands” and “no finger inside my ass” as my limitations, pretty much everything else is a “GO”. I’m a passionate, fun, inventive, wild tigress. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,