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Ask Anita - I have been seeing this mature escort for awhile but now she never returns my calls/refuses to see me? What can I do?

Well, there are flaky escorts out there that do not return calls or emails or texts promptly so it could be many reasons starting with her being flaky and just not responsive. It is usually a younger provider that shows more flakiness than the mature providers however. Most of the mature providers do get back to gentlemen quickly because we are more "old school" on understanding what good customer/client services usually equates to more return business or "regulars".  

Let's evaluate what could be happening or what her reasoning could be and maybe it will ring a bell as to the possibility of why she isn't responding back. 

1.  Hygiene issues - This is a biggie and one I continue to run into myself even with a few of my senior gentlemen regulars. Do you shower before you meet with this provider? By the way, I mean in the hour before you meet with them, not the first of the morning shower and you meet with her at 1pm or 2pm. I had a couple of my senior gentlemen show up recently and it looks like they cleared their colon within the hour of them seeing me without having taken a shower right before coming to their appointment. Yes, I offered the shower before which they didn't take and had to send them to my bathroom to "clean up" before I would rim them. Or you smoke a whole carton of cigarettes before coming over and you don't brush your teeth or pop mints beforehand?

2. Are you cheap? Do you stretch the hour into longer or the half hour into almost an hour and not pay her extra? Do you ask for a lot and do not tip? Do you shortchange her (give her less $ than she asks)? I have had all three situations happen and yes, it is frustrating especially in light of how much I do and for the reasonableness of my donations (At $140, I have probably one of the most cheapest hour GFE appointments in the Chicagoland area). 

3.  Do you have the following issues: Arriving at appointments late or no showing the provider or cancelling last minute? I put all three of these in one because they can be pattern forming and do show a "John" as being disrespectful of the provider's time. Lately I have had a ton of last minute cancellations or no call no shows. Last minute cancellation is less than an hour notice. No call no show is when I do not get a call or text that they are not coming and they might finally get around to telling me after I inquire of them (15 minutes post appointment time) or they may never contact me. 

4. Do you take a long time to cum and/or expecting a lot of work for the hour, etc? I do spend a lot of time blowing gentlemen (sometimes 2 and 3 times in an hour) and NO, I don't refuse to see them for that, it is my job. But, there are providers out there that do not want to work that hard. They want a lot of money for less work. Those are the same providers that get 8 or 9 for going above and beyond in services but only blow a guy once but boy are they are beautiful to look at, aren't they? So yes, you guys make it hard because you rate them an 8, 9 or 10 in looks and the same equivalent in effort/services 8 or 9s and they charge $350 hour or higher too, right? Well, you should be being truthful rather than being over awed by the spinners looks. Then maybe they would straighten up and realize they can't get away for only one pop for that dollar amount. 

5.  Have you been rude and/or disrespectful? Yes, some of the gentlemen don't realize it but you may go over the line on what the provider is willing to do. Such as the time that the African-American guy back in 2014 didn't take no for an answer in the no greek or anal for me. Or the time that you shoved her head down on your cock mighty hard and then got mad that her teeth got in the way. Or maybe you bite or pinch her nipples hard and her nipples are sensitive. (Alternatively, I am sure most of you don't want "Skippy" bitten, do you?). Or you give her a hickey (most of us don't want anything showing on us any more than you can show up at home and have your wife see a hickey on your kneck). Yes, gentlemen, just because you see a lot of rude/disrespectful stuff in porn, doesn't mean that you try to re-create a porn scene and expect the provider to fall in line with it. That's why if you do not know her limits, you need to discuss in the first five minutes of the appointment before you get hot and heavy. 

6. Are you fixated on her or have you shown her stalker like tendencies? If she thinks you are being too stalker like, she will cut you off and block you. I have had to block several gentlemen that borderline or worse showed stalker like tendencies. I had one gentlemen change phones three times to try to get through on my line to see me again. So far the last block worked but I don't know when he'll pop up again. Yes, gentlemen, in addition to avoiding cops through my verification practices, I have to avoid gentlemen that may have mental fixation issues on me or possibly even serial killers. Face it, escorts have the most to lose, end of story. 

It could be any of the above issues or it could be she may be going through some emotional depressive issues of her own and maybe is pulling away from the business a bit. Or it could be she is having feelings she did not expect herself. But whatever it is, you need to back off and move on. There are plenty of escorts out there to see and many of us that appreciate the business as well. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,