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Ask Anita - I am an African American business professional, age 44. Would you consider seeing me?

I do make exceptions to the "no AA" rule when gentlemen prove that they are mature business professionals. It’s how they present themselves that make the difference to me. If they do a great introduction of themselves, they don’t lowball my donations, and that they are willing to complete the light screening that I require make all the difference to me. I do have some regulars of mine that are African American business professionals.

So why do I stick the “no AA” on my advertisements? Well, I have had some bad experiences, further explained in a spring 2017 blog I wrote on the subject. But even more than that single event, it has been the constent barrage of texts that include certain “anatomy” pictures, the telephone calls with the donation lowballing, the lack of respect shown, and the fact that many of them love to talk/chat very descriptively and suggestively of the services that they want from me. In addition, I have had my share of AA gentlemen in 2014 show up without any money and want services. They wanted services FIRST and then they would go to their car to get money to pay me. When I insisted on payment up front, they would run out of my place rather quickly.

I already provide my reviews from the past three years of The Erotic Review on my website so it is pretty likely that you’ll come across all you need to know about my services as well as reading “The Anita Diaries” that I write once a week. There is no need to go into detail either via chat or over the telephone.  I am very discreet with my gentlemen’s information and I do my best to keep everything on the down low when they come to my location to spend time with me. No gentlemen ever has to feel that I will create any drama in their lives whatsoever. So why wouldn’t I also try to avoid any drama if I could? Also remember, many African American escort companions also put “No AA” on their advertisements.

So in any event, the “No AA” is a deterrent to keep those immature, classless responders from contacting me. I think if I had donations that are $300 per hour and up, many of those immature, classless responders wouldn’t even contact me. That’s why many of those escort companions that charge the $300 and up donations can easily say in their “About me” on their websites that they take any and all in all race or nationalities because they do not have to deal with the insane amount of texts and phone calls as I do from more immature, classless individuals.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,